WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H def. Dolph Ziggler

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H def. Dolph Ziggler

And the Internet broke: Not only did Triple H defeat Dolph Ziggler to deny The Showoff a WrestleMania blank check, but Roman Reigns returned to unleash hell on The Game and reinforce his position as The King of Kings’ potential usurper at The Show of Shows. Truth be told, The Game’s first match on Raw in three years was a bit of a rough night all around: Ziggler’s mix of mat game and explosiveness landed him a Famouser, a big DDT and a superkick before Triple H nailed a Pedigree out of nowhere to pin him.

That’s when Reigns made his entrance (from the ramp, no less), and he gave no quarter to the man who sent him into surgery, busting The King of Kings open as he battered him about the arena. Reigns even shoved aside referees and security who attempted to stop the madness. The beating only stopped after Reigns had broken a television across The Game’s back, and it took The Usos, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry to finally do it. It’s on.

Roman Reigns returns and brings the fight to Triple H: Raw, March 14, 2016

The Big Dog makes an unexpected appearance on Raw and gets some retribution against his WrestleMania opponent.

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