Big Show def. Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens via Count-out

Big Show vs. Kevin Owens: Raw, February 29, 2016

The World's Largest Athlete goes one-on-one with one of WWE's largest egos when he faces The Prizefighter.

The Road to KO-Mania is paved with count-out victories. After escaping an advancing Big Show with a count-out win on SmackDown, Kevin Owens found himself on the other end of the dreaded technicality during a rematch on Raw. The loss was especially ironic given that Owens was hell-bent on getting Big Show counted out again, only for The World’s Largest Athlete to recover at the last second. When Owens went high-risk, Show gave KO a taste of his own medicine by tripping him crotch-first onto the ropes, which sent Owens tumbling out of the ring and unable to meet the count.

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