Raw Five-Point Preview: Nov. 23, 2015

Raw Five-Point Preview: Nov. 23, 2015

Even though Roman Reigns overcame insurmountable odds to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament at Survivor Series, it was the opportunistic Sheamus who would leave Atlanta with the coveted prize around his waist. One night after Triple H held The Celtic Warrior’s hand high in victory, Sheamus brings his new title to Raw. Will Reigns get some payback tonight, or will The Authority place even more obstacles in the path of The Big Dog? 

More “Money,” more problems

Was cashing in Sheamus' plan all along?: WWE.com Exclusive, November 22, 2015

Sheamus comments on cashing in Money in the Bank against Roman Reigns at Survivor Series to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

After refusing Triple H’s offer to align with The Authority in the wake of Seth Rollins’ knee injury, Roman Reigns instead scratched and clawed his way to the final round of a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament for the vacant prize. Yet, even after earning a hard-fought victory over his former Shield brother Dean Ambrose in the conclusive bout of the tourney — and shockingly spearing Triple H after the match — the then-fatigued Big Dog faced a surprise Money in the Bank cash-in by Sheamus, who sealed Reigns’ fate with two swift Brogue Kicks. Much to the delight of The Game, WWE had a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the end of Survivor Series, and it wasn’t Reigns.

Poll: Was Sheamus’ Money in the Bank cash-in part of The Authority’s plan?

Trading in his shiny briefcase for WWE’s greatest gold, The Celtic Warrior brings the WWE World Heavyweight Title to Raw, where Reigns will no doubt be looking for retribution. However, following The Big Dog’s defiant actions at Survivor Series, has Triple H devised new ways to keep Reigns away from the championship for the foreseeable future? We’ll find out tonight.

A quarter-century of destruction

WWE Network: The Undertaker enters Philips Arena on a historic night: Survivor Series 2015

Celebrating his 25th anniversary in WWE, The Undertaker makes an epic entrance: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Twenty-five years to the day after his chilling Survivor Series debut, The Deadman stood triumphantly beside his brother Kane in the middle of the ring last night, having vanquished The Wyatt Family and affirming that WWE’s true master of the dark side is still The Demon from Death Valley.

View photos from the match |  Survivor Series highlights

Now that The Brothers of Destruction have settled their score with Bray Wyatt and his cruel kin, what mysterious forces will hold sway over Raw? Might buzzards circle Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, or have The Undertaker & Kane forced The Eater of Worlds into exile to plan his next move?

Tag, you’re it!

WWE Network: 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Survivor Series 2015

Ryback, The Usos and the Lucha Dragons battle Sheamus, King Barrett and The New Day: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match is as much a Thanksgiving mainstay as grandma’s stuffing, and it was Ryback, Jey Uso and Kalisto — one-half of The Lucha Dragons — who stood tall in this year’s 10-man bout last night, defeating a squad that included WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day, King Barrett and the man who would become WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the end of the night, Sheamus.

View photos from the match |  Relive Survivor Series on WWE Network

However, even though The New Day’s teamsuffered a loss, neither Kofi Kingston nor Xavier Woods were defeated  in the match, having abandoned The Celtic Warrior to take their fallen “unicorn,” Big E, up the ramp and to the trainer’s room. As the relentlessly upbeat trio continues to celebrate their one-year WWE anniversary despite their loss last night, will their Survivor Series opponents The Usos and The Lucha Dragons ride their wave of momentum against the WWE Tag Team Champions on Raw?

Unfinished business for Paige?

Charlotte reveals the importance of her match against Paige: WWE.com Exclusive, November 22, 2015

Charlotte talks about the significance of her win over Paige to retain her Diva's Title at Survivor Series.

In one of the most personal Divas Championship Matches in WWE history, Charlotte defended both her title and her pride against Paige last night at Survivor Series, making the bitter Diva of Tomorrow tap out to her signature Figure-Eight Leglock. 

Watch match highlights |  View match photos

Even though Charlotte turned back her former friend, it’s clear that Paige’s mission to become a three-time Divas Champion is far from over. Will we see fireworks between these one-time PCB allies on Raw?

Blond ambition

Tyler Breeze interviews ... himself after his win at Survivor Series: WWE.com Exclusive, November 22, 2015

Following his victory over Dolph Ziggler, Prince Pretty gets fed up with Tom Phillips' questions and takes matters into his own hands at Survivor Series.

All hail The King of Cuteville.

At Survivor Series, Tyler Breeze overcame the frenetic offense of Dolph Ziggler to earn a huge victory over a former World Heavyweight Champion, cementing his place on the main WWE roster.

Prince Pretty might not be the most beloved competitor in WWE — he definitely loves himself more than enough to compensate — but he’s undoubtedly earned a great deal of respect following his win over The Showoff. How will Breeze and Summer Rae celebrate on Raw? Moreover, will Ziggler crash the festivities?

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