Why did Sheamus attack Bryan and Ziggler?

Sheamus returns with a surprise assault on Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan: Raw, March 30, 2015

The Celtic Warrior returns to WWE, stunning the WWE Universe with brutal attack on Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan.

For several weeks, the WWE Universe has been anticipating Sheamus’ return. So, when he emerged one day after WrestleMania with a whole new look, ready to seemingly stop a Bad News Barrett assault on Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan, it was a near perfect scenario. Then, without any warning or apparent reason, The Celtic Warrior unleashed a major attack on both WWE’s “Yes!” Man and Dolph Ziggler, leaving all of us wondering why?

At this point, Sheamus himself is offering explanation for his actions, simply declaring that “[he’s] back” before balking WWE.com in their attempt to get an exclusive video on the subject.

The answer might simply lie in his new look, highlighted by his braided beard and awesome warrior-like mohawk. This new vision screams “fierce” and it is possible that that Sheamus attacked Bryan and Ziggler for no other reason than because they were there. Certainly he initially made a beeline for Barrett and, if his former adversary hadn’t made a quick exit, he might have ended up lying right next to the other two unfortunate Celtic fodders. In this writer’s opinion, an aggressive, unrelenting Sheamus is the best type of Sheamus anyway. So, I’m personally hoping this is just the start of many onslaughts to come.

Then again, it is possible Sheamus’ ambush may have been something personal toward the Superstars in question.  It is true that in his absence, both The Beard and The Showoff have done a great deal to seize the spotlight and maintain a strong stature as WWE’s golden boys. Their good standing with the WWE Universe might make them ideal targets for someone looking to seize back the spotlight. Plus, without a doubt, the success of Bryan and Ziggler would understandably get under the skin of a Superstar who loves to fight and is forced do nothing but sit at home and watch.

The answer could also be that Sheamus simply wants the Intercontinental Championship. After all, he has never held that particular piece of illustrious gold. The irony is that Bryan and Ziggler – along with the other five Superstars who battled in the WrestleMania Ladder Match – shared a common goal of bringing increased prestige to that title. Now that Bryan may very well have achieved that goal, it’s the very esteem may have been what drove Sheamus to make such an emphatic statement upon his return.

Regardless of Sheamus’ motives, it will be interesting to see what happens this Thursday at 8/7 C on SmackDown, when the three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion returns to action and teams with Barrett against the targets of his fury.

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