Raw GIF of the Night: July 21, 2014

Raw GIF of the Night: July 21, 2014

Oh, Heath Slater. Will you ever learn? Prior to Flo Rida’s anticipated performance on this week’s Raw, The One-Man Rock Band decided to confront the multi-platinum megastar. The results weren’t pretty — at least not for Slater. Reigniting his rivalry with Flo Rida dating way back to WrestleMania XXVIII, Slater interrupted the popular recording artist’s interview with Renee Young. After getting shoved by the wannabe rock star, Flo sent Slater on a one-way trip to the floor.

Relive Flo Rida’s latest “smash hit” over and over again with the Raw GIF of the Night. 

Flo Rida comments on his Raw visit |  Photos of the incident

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