UPDATE: Naomi suffers eye injury on Raw

UPDATE: Naomi suffers eye injury on Raw

Naomi vs. Aksana: Raw, Feb. 3, 2014

Naomi and Aksana square off while Divas Champion AJ Lee watches from ringside.

During Naomi’s match with Aksana on the Feb. 3 edition of Monday Night Raw, the WWE Universe saw the Funkadactyl left reeling after taking a knee to the face from Aksana. WWE.com can now confirm that Naomi did indeed suffer an injury as a result of the maneuver.

“We took a look at her in the training room after she came back from her match,” said WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. “She appears to have a bruised orbital bone or a bruised eye socket, as well as a scratch on her cornea.”

The good news is, the initial tests both cleared Naomi of a possible concussion and suggested a quick recovery. “We did a full eye examination and a head examination as well as a neurological examination; no signs of concussion,” said Dr. Amann. “We’re going to have her use ice and Tylenol and check her out again tomorrow."

UPDATE: WWE.com has received the latest on Naomi's condition, and the "Total Divas" star is now expected to miss some in-ring time.

"After Naomi went home she had increasing swelling and pain, which prompted a visit to a local doctor there, who performed a CAT scan," Dr. Chris Amann told WWE.com. "The CAT scan result showed a small, minimally displaced fracture of the eye socket or orbit on the medial wall, which is the inside part of the socket next to the nose. She is being followed closely and the swelling is being controlled at this point with oral medication."

As for her recovery, WWE medical staff are plan to monitor the injury's progression.

"She does have a follow-up later this week to see if surgery will be necessary or whether we can continue to let this heal on its own," said Dr. Amann. "As of right now, she’s off and we should have some updated information in terms of a return to the ring timetable within the next 3-4 days.”

UPDATE FRIDAY 2/14: Dr. Amann passed on the good news today to WWE.com that Naomi has visited with a specialist and that it has been determined that surgery will not be required to her eye injury. This is because “neither the nerve nor the eye muscles are trapped in the fracture itself."

However, due to “the break that she has off the medial or inside wall of the orbital bone, [there is] communication between her sinus cavity and the back of the eye socket.”

Because of this damage, pressure differences will prevent Naomi from traveling on an airplane at the present time. As a result, she will not return to the ring without restriction for an estimated 4-6 weeks.

Stay with WWE.com for more details on Naomi’s condition.

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