UPDATE: Dolph Ziggler suffers concussion on 'WWE Superstars' taping

UPDATE: Dolph Ziggler suffers concussion on 'WWE Superstars' taping

Dolph Ziggler has suffered a concussion during Monday night's taping of “WWE Superstars” while competing in a match against Ryback.

“Unfortunately Dolph sustained a concussion during his match on the clothesline given to him by Ryback,” said WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. “We were able to evaluate him in the ring; he was having some confusion and disorientation. We took him back to the training room and confirmed a concussion. He’s currently feeling better but we’ll proceed with ImPACT testing and further evaluation to determine when we can get him back in the ring.”

UPDATE: Dr. Amann followed up with WWE.com on Tuesday with the status of the former World Heavyweight Champion. "He does, in fact, have a concussion. His [symptoms] are starting to improve a little bit today," he said. "He will be seing a neuropsychologist in Pittsburgh for further evaluation, and then his status will be day-to-day as his symptoms improve."

UPDATE 1/9/14: Dr. Amann followed up with WWE.com on Thursday after Ziggler had taken his tests. "Dolph was evaluated by a neuropsychologist today and he had ImPACT testing performed as well as balance testing," he said. "Fortunately all of those tests appear to be equivocal to baseline and within normal limits. His symptoms have improved significantly since the injury on Monday, so our plan right now is to have him continue to rest, and when he is asymptomatic have him start doing some light cardiovascular exercise, and if that goes OK, we will proceed with our exertional protocol."

Stay with WWE.com for further updates on Ziggler’s condition.

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