Big Show not cleared for competition

Big Show not cleared for competition

Big Show was sent home and has not been cleared for further action because of the repeated head trauma he suffered at Survivor Series and on Monday night's Raw, has learned.

During the WWE Championship Match at Sunday’s pay-per-view in Boston, Randy Orton punted Big Show in the head to retain the title. According to ringside physician Dr. Chris Amann, the giant “did sustain some head trauma from Randy Orton’s punt. Thankfully, at that time his neurological exam was normal. He passed all of his impact testing, and he was able to get in the ring without any headaches, dizziness or problems at that time.”

Dr. Amann noted that in addition to Big Show's resiliency and toughness, the immense size of The World’s Largest Athlete allows him to absorb more punishment than most Superstars, which thereby led WWE doctors to clear him for in-ring action. “The trauma that would have caused a concussion in another competitor," he explained, "did not, in fact, cause any concussive symptoms in him.”

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Big Show was more than willing to compete Monday night on Raw and was placed into a tag team bout alongside John Cena to take on The Viper and Alberto Del Rio. In that contest, Del Rio staggered the giant with a superkick to the face. The Apex Predator then pounced on Big Show, stomping on his head repeatedly before Del Rio hit another superkick.

The match was brought to a temporary halt as Dr. Amann examined the dazed Big Show. When The World’s Largest Athlete got back to his feet, Dr. Amann concluded that he was OK and cleared to continue competing. However, after the bout, a full evaluation of the giant prompted a decision to send him home before Tuesday’s SmackDown in Connecticut.

“The trauma Big Show sustained Monday at Raw did, in fact, cause concussive symptoms,” said Dr. Amann. “At this point, we are doing further testing, and he is currently not cleared to participate in any in-ring competition.”

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