For Dusty Rhodes, Cody & Goldust’s win a proud and emotional moment

For Dusty Rhodes, Cody & Goldust’s win a proud and emotional moment

Just two weeks ago, Cody Rhodes, Goldust and their WWE Hall of Fame father, Dusty Rhodes, were at risk of never working in WWE again. Now, days removed from the brothers Rhodes’ win over The Shield’s Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns on Raw, The American Dream not only remains gainfully employed by WWE, but he is also the proud father of the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Like the rest of the WWE Universe, the Rhodes family patriarch was transfixed by Raw’s main event Monday, glued to the emotionally charged battle that was unfolding on live TV, he told

“It was one of the best matches on WWE television in years,” the WWE Hall of Famer said. “Those fans had been there for almost four hours. To hear them go from zero to reach a climax and chant ‘This is awesome!’ was a memorable moment. I tried to teach Cody that memorable moments are special and you have to make them whenever you can.”

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His sons’ show-stealing championship win is not the only reason The American Dream is beaming with fatherly pride. Monday night’s cathartic main event also provided a sense of retribution against “The Authority,” which has targeted the Rhodes clan in recent weeks.

“The emotion came from my sons fighting through everything that Triple H has put in their way,” he said, later adding that he “loved seeing the frustration on Triple H's face when his plan backfired.”

Perhaps most rewarding to the three-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, however, is that he now gets to watch his sons fight side-by-side. Although Cody has won tag team championship gold with multiple partners during his WWE career, his current tandem allows him to pick the brain of his well-traveled big brother, a 25-year veteran who is undergoing an unexpected career renaissance.

“On Team Rhodes, Cody is the young prince and Dustin is the iconic figure,” their father explained. “Dustin is better than he's ever been. Cody now gets to mirror and travel with Dustin. To get an education from a great in-ring performer who is also a cult character is rare. To have that teacher happen to be your brother is an amazing learning process.”

The American Dream observed another benefit of his sons’ partnership, even beyond the added insight that Cody is able glean from Goldust.

“They laugh with each other and are having fun,” he said. “Cody told me today that he's having fun and that's the first time he has said that. He's a workaholic and has always worried about everything from a business perspective.

“For the great ones, nothing else matters when they walk through the curtain but entertaining the fans,” he elaborated. “That's important for entertainers. Both Cody and Dustin are at that point now, together.”

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