Antonio Cesaro honored to be featured as "The Soup" Clip of the Week

Antonio Cesaro's swinging of Santino Marella is featured as E!'s "The Soup" Clip of the Week

Santino Marella's wild ride is featured as the Clip of the Week on "The Soup," airing Wednesdays at 10/9C on E!

On Raw, Antonio Cesaro sent the returning Santino Marella on a dizzying ride, swinging him around the ring in dramatic fashion.

E!'s "The Soup" (Wednesdays at 10/9C) caught wind of the inhuman display of strength and featured it as its Clip of the Week.

“I found out via Twitter, which seems to be the news feed of the day,” said Cesaro. “And my first reaction was, ‘Well, of course! I should be Clip of the Week every week.'

“My favorite part about it is WWE has been part of 'The Soup' before, but it was always some promos or backstage things,” he explained. “Antonio Cesaro brought a wrestling move as the Clip of the Week to 'The Soup.' That just proves that I put the 'W' in WWE.”

Watch a .GIF of the swing

Cesaro, a fan of the program, said he was thrilled to be featured.

"I watch 'The Soup' all the time,” he said. “It sums up everything in pop culture. To be part of that is definitely a very cool thing. That's what WWE is. It's entertainment, and it's the best entertainment in the world. And of course, the best entertainer is Antonio Cesaro."

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