Goldust: 'Randy Orton will never see me coming'

Goldust: 'Randy Orton will never see me coming'

TORONTO — He might be known for his befuddling and over-the-top antics both in and out of the ring, but Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes was all business as he strode into Toronto’s Air Canada Centre for Raw, where the fate of one of sports-entertainment’s most celebrated families hangs in the balance. Per WWE COO Triple H, if Goldust can defeat WWE Champion Randy Orton tonight, The Bizarre One’s brother Cody is one step closer to getting his job back.

“This is something that has been built up over the past few days that I have prepared for very well,” a stoic Goldust told, still outraged following his brother’s  firing last week on Raw. “Randy Orton will never see me coming. I’m more than willing to do any- and everything … to get my brother Cody back in WWE.”

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Since last Monday night, the three-time Intercontinental Champion has been incredibly vocal on Twitter, campaigning for his brother to be reinstated as a WWE Superstar. On Saturday, it was Raw General Manager Brad Maddox who — after confirming with Triple H — revealed that if Goldust defeated The Viper and if Cody Rhodes apologized, then Cody would get his job back. This marks Goldust’s first appearance in a WWE ring since January, when he made a surprise return during the Royal Rumble Match and was eliminated by his younger brother.

“I appreciate the WWE Universe’s thoughts, prayers and best wishes for this match,” Goldust said, acknowledging the outpouring of support he has received over the weekend. “This is in my hands now, and I do not plan on playing nice.”

The Bizarre One continued, “Losing is not an option, and I will take The Viper to his limit.”

Of course, Rhodes is fully aware that he’ll need to keep his head on a swivel heading into tonight’s high-stakes encounter considering Orton’s alignment with Triple H and the ravenous Hounds of Justice, The Shield. Tonight, the gold and black on his face isn’t just makeup. It’s war paint.

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“I don’t care if The Shield is at ringside, I don’t care if Triple H is backstage watching, planning some way to hurt me,” Rhodes affirmed. “My eyes are on the prize, first and foremost, and that prize is beating Randy Orton 1-2-3, and getting Cody back where he belongs. This isn’t Evolution and this isn’t Randy Orton’s Legacy. This is the Rhodes Dynasty.”

Can Goldust save his brother’s career, or will The Bizarre One suffer his own “Shattered Dreams” when he goes one-on-one with the WWE Champion? To find out, tune in to Raw tonight at 8/7 CT on USA Network. 

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