Sin Cara suffers hand injury on Raw

Sin Cara suffers hand injury on Raw

Sin Cara flew again on Monday Night Raw, but the soaring International Sensation was cut down almost as quickly as his return began when he suffered an injury to his hand during a match with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.

“During the match he did a dive outside of the ring and landed on his finger and dislocated his 4th ring finger,” said WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson.” I evaluated it, I reduced it – meaning I relocated it – in the ring, and brought him back to the training room.”

According to Sampson, an injury such as this does carry risk, which is why the bout was stopped and Sin Cara is currently slated to undergo further testing. “We’re going get X-rays tomorrow to make sure he doesn’t have an avulsion fracture,” said Sampson. “Hopefully we’ll be able to finger splint him and he’ll be able to wrestle, but it’ll be determined after x-rays tomorrow.”

Check back with for more on Sin Cara’s condition.

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