Raw Five-Point Preview: August 5, 2013

Raw Five-Point Preview: August 5, 2013

Daniel Bryan … in a suit? Bah! Lunacy at its best, although the McMahon family certainly seems resigned to its latest plan of giving the No. 1 contender a “corporate makeover” just in case he defeats John Cena for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. History would dictate that this is a bad idea, but in any case, the submission master is set to undergo said grooming this Monday on Raw, while elsewhere, a veteran Superstar begins his climb back to the World Heavyweight Championship. Here are five things to look forward to on this week’s Raw.

Corporate culture shock

Stephanie McMahon suggests Daniel Bryan undergo a makeover: Raw, July 29, 2013

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, & Mr. McMahon finally all agree on how to handle Daniel Bryan by giving the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Title a makeover.

When Mr. McMahon told his daughter “good luck with that” after her proposal to give Daniel Bryan a corporate makeover, The Chairman wasn’t just a-whistlin’ you-know-what. The McMahons have had “corporate champions” before and none of them have panned out particularly well for WWE’s first family, but maybe Bryan will be the exception that proves the rule? Stranger things have certainly happened, but if they make a move to trim Bryan’s beard, things will likely go south very, very fast for Mr. McMahon and his brood.

Devious Divas

Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee - WWE Divas Championship Match: SmackDown, Aug. 2, 2013

Kaitlyn attempts to win back the Divas Title from the current champion AJ Lee.

Looks like the “Total Divas” crew doesn’t have the monopoly on backstabbing and drama within WWE’s women’s division after all. Up until Friday, Layla had been a close confidante of Kaitlyn’s throughout her emotionally taxing saga with AJ Lee, but the British beauty betrayed the “Hybrid Diva” on SmackDown and helped AJ retain her Divas Championship in a match against her old friend. With Layla and AJ now skipping along in tandem, are the odds too tall for Kaitlyn to climb the mountain again? Or will she simply be doubling up on spears for the foreseeable future?

One. More. Match.

He finally did it: After two solid years of yearning for one more opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship, Christian will get his chance at the “Big Gold Title” when he faces his old nemesis, Alberto Del Rio, for the celebrated title at SummerSlam. But with Captain Charisma’s ascent to the mountaintop nearing its peak, The Essence of Excellence seems to have his old foil’s number. How will Christian keep his momentum going as the summer classic approaches?

Hell hath no fury

The Wyatt Family attacks Kane: Raw, July 29, 2013

Kane feels the unforgiving wrath of the The Wyatt Family.

So Kane is back from injury, but the masked man’s Big Red homecoming took a turn for the worse real fast when he was pinned by Daniel Bryan moments before Bray Wyatt and his disciples obliterated him for a second time. Given that The Wyatts’ attack wasn’t enough to hospitalize The Devil’s Favorite Demon this time around, though, it’s safe to say another face-to-face confrontation between the petrifying preacher man and the former World Heavyweight Champion isn’t out of the question.

Don’t be a bully …

Ryback puts an arena worker through a table: Raw, July 29, 2013

Ryback sends a message to John Cena about their upcoming Tables Match at the expense of an innocent arena worker.

Only a few weeks after having his toughness questioned, Ryback seems to have swung in the opposite direction. Now he’s bullying anyone and everyone he can get his hands on, from the cameraman filming his entrance to some poor stagehand who got an earful of potato salad just for breathing the same air as the “Human Wrecking Ball.” And even though John Cena did give Ryback some comeuppance in a Tables Match last Monday, it was hardly the kind of emphatic shellacking that would convince Ryback to back down from messing with innocents. Maybe this week will be the week the beast gets his bell rung … or the week he kicks it into a higher gear than ever. Tune in this Monday at 8/7 CT on USA Network to see what happens!

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