Will Brad Maddox succeed or fail as new Raw GM?

Will Brad Maddox succeed or fail as new Raw GM?

One could make a solid argument that WWE's flagship brand has gone without stable leadership for far too long.

Following the reign of the Anonymous Raw General Manager (later revealed to be Hornswoggle) from 2010 to 2011, the controversial John Laurinaitis took the helm. After "Big Johnny" was fired by Mr. McMahon in 2012, the boss allowed the unpredictable AJ Lee to rule the roost. But it wasn’t long before she was forced to resign amid speculation of an unprofessional relationship with John Cena.

The Raw General Manager's timeline

Following Lee’s tenure, Vickie Guerrero served as the Managing Supervisor of Raw. But in a record-setting WWE App vote on the July 8 edition of Raw, the WWE Universe revealed its feelings about Vickie’s performance — it was time for her to go! Reacting swiftly, Stephanie McMahon fired Guerrero and Mr. McMahon appointed the young Brad Maddox as new Raw General Manger.

See Maddox's reaction to being named Raw GM

WWE.com recently caught up with a few outspoken Superstars in the locker room to get their thoughts on the big news.

Will Brad Maddox succeed or fail as new Raw GM?
Dolph Ziggler
“That’s a heck of a spot to be in. Maddox has to follow in the footsteps of Vickie, which was huge,” Ziggler said. “She was hugely entertaining no matter how you see it. She got a reaction when she was out there, so let’s see if he can step up there and get some kind of reaction other than mumbling words and wearing  funny sweater vests. “

“Vickie was very entertaining and that’s what this business is about. But if you’re bad at your job, you can’t get ahead. Any time someone new gets put into power they could be a puppet government run by somebody on the outside. Mr. McMahon could be in control for all we know. But [Maddox] could have some new ideas. Anything fresh, give it a shot.”

Brodus Clay
“You ever see two hot dogs in one bun?” asked Clay. “It just doesn’t look right or feel right. Try putting your left shoe on your right foot. It’s like that. Awkward with four Ws — awwwwkward!”

Antonio Cesaro
“I think he learned under Vickie, so he’ll be qualified to do the job,” said Cesaro. “And as Mr. McMahon said, the WWE Universe got exactly what they deserved.”

Drew McIntyre
“What was it that JBL said?” McIntyre tried to recall. “We’re all on the Titanic and we’re all going down? I don’t think Brad knows what Brad has in store for the future of Raw. Just like the band on the Titanic, we’ll be the last ones on the boat and we’ll be playing as it all goes down.”

Will Brad Maddox succeed or fail as new Raw GM?
Cody Rhodes
Rhodes offered a brief but poignant response when approached for his opinion: “Who is Brad Maddox?” he asked.

The WWE Universe will indeed be watching closely to find out exactly who Maddox is.

See what his first move might be the night after Money in the Bank. Tune in to Raw on Monday at 8/7 CT on USA Network.

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