WWE Champion John Cena to face World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio tonight on Raw

WWE Champion John Cena to face World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio tonight on Raw

WWE’s two most prestigious championships will collide tonight on Raw when WWE Champion John Cena battles World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio in the main event of tonight’s show.

The marquee bout was announced via Twitter by Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero, who has attempted to impress the McMahon-Helmsley family of late with her performance as Raw’s de facto leader. In this case, she has chosen her main event wisely.

Not only does Cena share a storied history with The Essence of Excellence, but the Champion vs. Champion Match has long been the hallmark of a friendly rivalry of sorts between the two most exalted titleholders in sports-entertainment. The standard-bearer for WWE has always had a formidable counterpart in the competitor who carries the World Heavyweight Championship even before its current iteration under WWE’s banner. Ever since the WCW Title (the World Title’s most recent forebearer) came to the house that Mr. McMahon built, this rivalry has only grown, giving the two top competitors in the sports-entertainment landscape regular opportunity to do battle on the biggest possible stages.

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To date, Champion vs. Champion Matches are the rarest and most prestigious of bouts, reserved only for the most special of occasions. Recently, CM Punk and Sheamus (then the WWE and World Champion, respectively) met in a classic bout on the maiden episode of WWE Main Event. With two competitors well-versed in each other’s skills and currently atop the tallest pedestals in WWE, tonight’s bout between Cena and Del Rio will only add to the glorious history of both championships, whatever the result may be.

Tune in tonight at 8/7 CT on USA Network to see the epic bout unfold!

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