World's Strongest Scam: Reactions to Henry's ruse

World's Strongest Scam: Reactions to Henry's ruse

After seemingly retiring, Mark Henry surprises John Cena with a World's Strongest Slam: Raw, June 17, 2013

Mark Henry fools John Cena and the entire WWE Universe and then attacks the WWE Champion.

On Monday's Raw, Mark Henry pulled the collective wool over the entire WWE Universe's eyes when he gave an emotional "retirement" speech. Some fans were even prepared with signs offering thanks for his championship career.

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But instead of walking off into the sunset, Henry laid out WWE Champion John Cena with a vicious World’s Strongest Slam!

After the shocking turn of events,  Henry challenged Cena to a match. Later, Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero suggested Henry face Cena in a  WWE Title Match at Money in the Bank on July 14, and Mr. McMahon agreed.

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What will the big man do next? If one thing's for certain in WWE, it's to expect the unexpected!

Superstar tweets before Henry's "retirement"
‏@ExcuseMeWWE: Tonight on #Raw, @TheMarkHenry will address WWE Universe. Great career, amazing competitor. #WWE
@realmickfoley: Thank YOU @TheMarkHenry. You are a class act; a great athlete and a great man, Thank you for leaving us with one final great #RAW moment.
@ZackRyder: I hope @TheMarkHenry doesn’t retire. #Raw

Superstar reactions to Henry's attack
: The Oscar for best acting in a comedy or musical goes to Mark Henry! Man, I was fooled! #raw
: Oops...exactly ONE SECOND after I hit "tweet" @TheMarkHenry pulls off a swerve for the ages. #HookLineAndSinker
@realmickfoley: Come on @TheMarkHenry - at least I had the decency to stay retired for six weeks after MY heartfelt farewell speech! #RAW
: Bidness just picked up! #houseofpain
: Open up the#HouseOfPain #markhenry
: The late, Ernie Ladd, @WWE HOFer, was a master psychologist & wordsmith and he would have loved @TheMarkHenry promo tonight...tears & all.



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