Who is Kaitlyn's secret admirer?

A surprise backstage delivery

Who is Kaitlyn's secret admirer?: Raw, April 29, 2013

After a brief confrontation with AJ Lee, Kaitlyn learns that she has a secret admirer.

“Kaitlyn — you’ve come so far this past year. Every step of the way, I’ve fallen in love with you more. I wish I could tell you in person. No matter what anyone says, always know there’s someone out there who thinks you’re beautiful."

There’s no doubt about it: Kaitlyn has a secret admirer! The beautiful Divas Champion received a surprise backstage delivery during the April 29 episode of Raw, shortly after a confrontation with her former friend and capricious current No. 1 contender, AJ Lee. Along with the charming love letter, WWE’s Hybrid Diva was given a fetching spiked hat that perfectly matches her bracelet, not to mention her unique style.

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Now, Kaitlyn is asking the same questions as the WWE Universe: Who is behind this? Who could her “secret sweetheart” be? Are there more surprise deliveries in the immediate future? Although this mysterious individual left precious few clues, it is clearly someone who knows Kaitlyn’s style very well, has followed her career closely and is reluctant to share their feelings face to face.

When it comes to a gorgeous and talented Diva like Kaitlyn, however, there is no shortage of potential love interests. To get to the bottom of this mystery, WWE.com has rounded up some of the top suspects. Read on to see who could be Kaitlyn’s secret admirer.

Where do these Rhodes lead?

Kaitlyn encounters Cody Rhodes and The Bella Twins: Raw, March 18, 2013

Kaitlyn gives The Bella Twins some attitude backstage at Raw.

Cody Rhodes and Kaitlyn appeared to be  circling each other in recent weeks, sharing several meaningful moments and getting tongue-tied in each other’s presence. Although Team Rhodes Scholars have been conspicuously associating with The Bella Twins, it’s possible that the super-talented second-generation Superstar actually has his sights set on the stunning Divas Champion.

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Or could this secret admirer actually be one of Kaitlyn’s fellow WWE titleholders? Maybe one of the members of WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No — Kane or Daniel Bryan — or United States Champion Kofi Kingston has strong feelings for the always improving Hybrid Diva. Maybe this secret admirer is even more unexpected and surprising ...

Maybe it's not a Superstar ...

Kaitlyn stops by WWE Active: WWE App Exclusive, April 22, 2013

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What if Fandango or The Great Khali is on the hunt for a new dance partner? Or what about one of the Superstars from 3MB? After all, it’s no secret that rockers dig the ladies. Speaking of musically inclined Superstars, Zack Ryder famously composed  a haunting love ballad for the Diva Kaitlyn won the title from, Eve Torres. Maybe Long Island Iced-Z is working on a chart-topping follow-up to that smash single?

If it’s not a Superstar, perhaps one of the sidekicks from the World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match at Extreme Rules — Zeb Colter, Ricardo Rodriguez or Big E Langston — fancies a date with the beautiful WWE NXT season three winner. "WWE Superstars" commentator Matt Striker has known Kaitlyn since that third season of WWE NXT and he may have an eye for the gorgeous title holder.

Could any of these possibilities actually be Kaitlyn’s secret admirer? ( VOTE) Will this mysterious individual reveal themselves or continue to pine for the beautiful Divas Champion from afar?

After you  VOTE for who you think Kaitlyn’s secret admirer might be, sound off in the comments section below or on WWE’s official Facebook and Twitter!

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