Triple H injury update: The Game receives MRI

Triple H injury update: The Game receives MRI

Triple H was late arriving to the arena Monday night as Raw rolled into South Carolina, leaving some members of the WWE Universe to speculate about The Game’s well-being following his brutal No Holds Barred Match victory over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 29.

Tuesday afternoon,'s Social Media Team received a photo from Triple H, revealing that The Game had an MRI taken of his injured left arm.

WWE sources have told that doctors ruled out a scaphoid fracture, an injury that would have sidelined The King of Kings for at least two months. Instead, it’s been determined that Triple H has suffered a carpal sprain and contusion to his left wrist.

While the injury has been diagnosed, questions still are swirling about The Game’s psyche. With the news breaking just one day after Lesnar challenged Triple H to a Steel Cage Match at the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view, one can only wonder about Triple H’s mindset. How will the injury affect his decision to accept or deny Lesnar’s challenge?

And if The Game does accept the challenge, just how vulnerable will he be? As the WWE Universe is well aware, inside the squared circle Lesnar is more animal than man, and he will undoubtedly exploit any sign of weakness.

When asked by about the injury and the effect it may have on the challenge issued by Lesnar, Triple H had no comment.

WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson confirmed that, while the injury is not as serious as initially feared, The King of Kings will have an uphill climb ahead of him if he decides to do battle on May 19. “He’ll be able to train with a splint on, but he’ll be cutting it close coming into Extreme Rules, as far as being ready [to compete],” Dr. Sampson said.

If Triple H does decide to accept Brock's challenge, even before they step inside the steel structure, The Game may be at a great disadvantage. How will the injury — and the splint he will have to wear — affect Triple H’s ability to train for what will certainly be an intense showdown? Lesnar is in peak physical condition, and The Game will have to be, as well, to match the beast one-on-one.

Stay with for the latest on this developing situation.

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