What does The Undertaker's return in Texas mean?

What does The Undertaker's return in Texas mean?

The Deadman rose again in Texas this past weekend.

To the shock of the assembled denizens of the WWE Universe, The Undertaker haunted WWE with his presence for the first time in nearly a year when he made his surprise return to the ring at a WWE Live Event in the Lone Star State. The Phenom’s appearance was somewhat unusual by his standards. He did not lay a solo challenge at the feet of any Superstars, but instead joined forces with former World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus in a tag team bout against Damien Sandow and Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett. It’s safe to say the presence of the former WWE Champion was a welcome sight to the assembled crowd, to say nothing of the outnumbered Sheamus. But The Undertaker’s return, awe-inspiring though it was, has still left the WWE Universe with more questions than answers.

For one, now that The Deadman has staked claim to his “yard” once again with an appearance in a WWE ring, does that mean he is likely to repeat the feat on Raw anytime soon? The last time Undertaker appeared on WWE television was at Raw 1,000, where he aided his brother Kane in dispatching a squadron of unruly Superstars hell-bent on attacking The Big Red Monster. Triple H promised some months later at the 2012 Slammy Awards that the WWE Universe had not seen the last of The Phenom, and this appearance in Texas fulfilled The King of Kings’ prophecy.

But it seems unlikely that this is all The Deadman has in store for the WWE Universe. Granted, a Superstar as mercurial and legendary as The Undertaker certainly has earned the clout to come and go as he pleases, and it is entirely possible that battling Barrett and Sandow was something he’d felt like doing for some time. But the WWE Universe should first remember that WrestleMania season is upon us and no one has yet to come forth to tempt fate by challenging The Undertaker’s 20-0 streak on The Grandest Stage of Them All. By this time last year (and in fact, the year before that), a challenger had already either emerged or been chosen by Undertaker himself. So perhaps The Deadman’s appearance in Texas was not so much an act of camaraderie toward Sheamus as a reminder to everyone else — from Barrett and Sandow all the way on up to WWE Champion The Rock — that he is still out there, waiting for a brave soul to step forward and test their worth in the shadow of New York City.

Triple H was right. The Undertaker has returned. For the WWE Universe, it is a blessing. For the WWE locker room, it could be a curse. It is a conundrum. It is a friendly reminder. It is a welcome sight and maybe, just maybe, it is an open challenge. Whether anyone responds appropriately is all that’s left to be seen.

Here are some tweets from Superstars and fans who were in attendance for The Deadman's return:

  • @RandyOrton: Got to watch Undertaker perform in Waco tonight at the #Smackdown live event. Very motivating to watch him do his thing. #Legend Killer
  • @RRWWE: Can't describe the feeling we all got here tonight in Waco, Texas after having The Undertaker compete. I legit got goosebumps!
  • @WadeBarrett: Hell of a night at #WWEWaco. Expect the unexpected...
  • @melissaashley08: Everyone was so confused when the lights went off. My first thought "JERICHO?!" Then... DING! "OMG!!!!" Lol
  • @ForeverASoldier: @WWESheamus I wish I could have been in Waco to see you & Undertaker team up!! Totally my dream tag-team! <3 So jealous right now.
  • @BillNWrestling: So Undertaker performed at a house show in Waco, TX last night.. Is he back? I hope so. Would be bummed to be at Mania without Deadman..
  • @Robot_Khan: OMG! Undertaker returned at Smackdown Live Event as he tag-teamed with Sheamus at Waco, Texas! Does this mean he's gonna be at WrestleMania?
  • @LethalLaserKJ: I still can't believe The Undertaker returned at a live event in Texas. That's so rad
  • @VinnyNovello: Undertaker is BACK!! he returned at a house show in Texas last night! I hope he's ready to go for WrestleMania 29 ! #hyped

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