Raw Five-Point Preview: Feb. 11, 2013

Raw Five-Point Preview: Feb. 11, 2013

Update: Paul Heyman to make major announcement tonight! ( FULL STORY)

With Mr. McMahon still recovering from hip replacement surgery, what will unfold when WWE Champion The Rock comes to tonight’s Raw? Here are five reasons to tune in at 8/7 CT on USA Network as Elimination Chamber looms large on The Road to WrestleMania.

1. WWE Champion The Rock comes to Raw

Raw Five-Point Preview: Feb. 11, 2013

WWE Champion The Rockwill be at Bridgestone Arena when Raw comes to Nashville, Tenn. With Elimination Chamber just days away, what will The Great One have to say about his opponent, CM Punk? Will former WWE Champion Punk have any final words before their big showdown? With both Superstars equally passionate about expressing their opinions of each other, a battle on the mic could be as epic as their WWE Title showdown at Elimination Chamber.

2. Can anyone control Brock Lesnar?

Raw Five-Point Preview: Feb. 11, 2013

Last week, the WWE Universe witnessed yet another brutal assault by Brock Lesnar when he decimated The Miz on the set of “Miz TV.” ( WATCH) The attack comes after Lesnar shattered Mr. McMahon’s hip — a ruthless act which Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero admitted she did not anticipate when she re-signed Lesnar. ( MR. MCMAHON UPDATE) Although Paul Heyman still appears to be aligned with the behemoth, it certainly doesn’t seem as if Heyman can do anything to stop Lesnar from doing anything  he wants to anyone he wants

Exactly why did Lesnar return to WWE? Will the WWE Universe get any answers … or just witness another brutal attack on Raw? Either way, Brock Lesnar is must-see TV!

3. Who is next in Mark Henry’s sights?

Raw Five-Point Preview: Feb. 11, 2013

Mark Henry has returned to WWE with a vengeance! Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara both felt The World’s Strongest Man’s wrath, and Randy Orton was unable to stop the hungry competitor from earning a spot in the No. 1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match. ( PREVIEW) Michael Cole has described Henry as the most dangerous Superstar in WWE. Who will the former World Heavyweight Champion go after next?

4. Which returning Superstar is poised for a big 2013?

Raw Five-Point Preview: Feb. 11, 2013

In addition to the return of Brock Lesnar and Mark Henry, the WWE Universe has witnessed the return of a hungry Jack Swagger and a better-than-ever Chris Jericho — who competed in an epic WWE Active Match with CM Punk last week. ( WATCH: INSTANT CLASSIC)  As The Road to WrestleMania heats up, which Superstar will rise to the top and possibly find himself competing on The Grandest Stage of Them All? ( POLL: WHO WILL MAKE THE BIGGEST IMPACT IN 2013?)

5. Will John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback deliver justice?

Raw Five-Point Preview: Feb. 11, 2013

After Raw went off the air last week, John Cena issued a straight forward challenge to The Shield — step in the ring with Cena along with Sheamus and Ryback at Elimination Chamber. ( WATCH EXCLUSIVE) The challenge was officially accepted later in the week. ( MATCH PREVIEW) After months of The Shield running roughshod through WWE, has the group finally met its match?

The powerhouse team of Cena, Sheamus and Ryback could quite possibly be the most potent trio in WWE in recent years. Will they bring a new brand of justice to WWE? With Mr. McMahon recovering from surgery, no permanent Raw General Manager in place, and Brock Lesnar and Mark Henry on the loose, it sure seems the time is right.

Don’t miss the final Raw before Elimination Chamber as The Road to WrestleMania 29 heats up.

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