How did Mr. McMahon obtain the footage of Paul Heyman and The Shield?

How did Mr. McMahon obtain the footage of Paul Heyman and The Shield?

Mr. McMahon promised evidence linking Paul Heyman to The Shield last night on Raw Roulette, and true to form, The Chairman delivered.

Moments before he was attacked by Brock Lesnar ( WATCH), McMahon produced the proverbial smoking gun in the form of candid-style footage that confirmed collusion between the mad scientist and not only The Shield, but also former referee Brad Maddox. In the footage — apparently filmed by Maddox’s trusted cameraman, Carson —Heyman revealed, in no uncertain terms, that he “plucked [Maddox] from obscurity” and installed him as the referee for Punk’s Hell in a Cell WWE Title Match against Ryback (which Maddox would later infamously derail by costing Ryback the match). Heyman later reveals that he’s got The Shield in his pocket as well.

Heyman said in the tape that Maddox has apparently been underperforming at his duties as a hired gun, at which point The Shield emerged from cover of darkness and administered a beatdown on the hapless referee, apparently at Heyman’s behest. The clip ended with Roman Reigns destroying the camera and, one can assume, poor Carson along with it.

Of course, McMahon later paid the price when Lesnar came to Heyman’s defense and broke The Chairman’s hip with an F-5 ( INJURY UPDATE), but the footage is still about as damning as it gets for the former ECW mastermind. The only question is, where did Mr. McMahon get the footage in the first place? The WWE locker room has no shortage of prying eyes — remember GTV? — and The Chairman confirmed that some enterprising individual recovered the footage from the destroyed camera and put it into his hands. So who was the whistle-blower in the scoop of the decade, exactly?

Consider The Shield’s enemies to begin with. Ryback hardly seems the snooping type — seek and destroy is more his game — but exposing Heyman's plot would make it easier for him to decimate The Shield without Heyman to conceal their whereabouts. Same goes for previous Shield target Sheamus. Randy Orton, too, for that matter. The only Shield victim who’s displayed any investigative cunning is Santino — remember he uncovered the Anonymous Raw General Manager last year — but the trio has largely left him alone in recent months. Perhaps Carson was able to preserve the film he captured and delivered it to The Chairman in a deal to give Maddox his coveted WWE contract? And most importantly, does this mean that all of The Shield’s attacks were orchestrated by Heyman? Or was it just the ones that directly benefitted then–WWE Champion CM Punk?

Speculation abounds, and the WWE Universe is left scratching its head over Mr. McMahon’s latest trick. Personally, we’re as curious as everyone else. But the fact of the matter is, he is The Chairman and he has his ways. Probably best not to question them.

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