#HugItOut over social media for Team Hell No

#HugItOut over social media for Team Hell No

Team Hell No graduates from anger management: Raw, Jan 21, 2013

Team Hell No become the first-ever WWE Tag Team Champions to graduate from anger management..

Where were you when the world hugged it out?

This past Monday, the renowned Dr. Shelby initiated a global phenomenon during WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No’s anger management graduation when he called for a worldwide hug to celebrate the formerly furious duo’s completion of his program. Some pretty unexpected people got in on the love, too, from Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole at the commentary booth to Dr. Sampson and Justin Roberts at ringside. Before long, the entire HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif., was locked in a mutual embrace while doctor and patients celebrated the long (long)-awaited breakthrough in the ring.

But here’s the thing: What we saw on Raw was only one arena. Dr. Shelby told the world to hug it out. So since sharing is caring and hugging is all the rage, we at WWE.com want to know how you celebrated Team Hell No’s commencement. Send us your hugs over Twitter, Instagram, Tout and Tumblr @WWE with the hashtag #HugItOut and let’s make this the world’s biggest hug-a-thon!

There are no rules, WWE Universe. The more epic, and creative your submissions, the better, and who knows? Your hug might just get a retweet from Shelby himself. As we’re sure Kane and Daniel Bryan could attest, stranger things have happened. Now, in the words of the good doctor, “One, two, three: EVERYBODY HUG!!!!

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