Disney's The Muppets bring the laughs as Social Media Ambassadors on Dec. 10 episode of Raw

Disney's The Muppets bring the laughs as Social Media Ambassadors on Dec. 10 episode of Raw

They're back!

One year after guest hosting Monday Night Raw, Disney's The Muppets made their glorious return to WWE's flagship show as Social Media Ambassadors, and the little guys and gals did not disappoint.

Drawing on their history with the WWE Superstars, Miss Piggy ( @RealMissPiggy), Kermit The Frog ( @MuppetsStudios) and the gang took to Twitter and Tout.com/WWE to unleash their own personal brand of wit on a chaotic Monday Night Raw that saw Cody Rhodes return from injury and The Shield make its boldest statement yet. (FULL RESULTS)

So did Miss Piggy have more words for Vickie Guerrero? What does Kermit think of Damien Sandow? Be sure to check out their holiday video "All I Need is Love" — alongside Cee-Lo Green off the new album "Cee-Lo's Magic Moment" — and the 20th Anniversary Edition of "The Muppet Christmas Carol," now on DVD and Blu-ray.

But first, here are Disney's The Muppets' tweets for The Day After Raw.

@RealMissPiggy: Dear @HEELZiggler, sweetie, let me send vous the number of someone who can fix those dreadful roots #BlondesUnited
‏@MuppetsStudio: It’s time to play the music – it’s time to light the lights – and when Big Show comes out it’s time to…RUN! #Yipes!
‏@MuppetsStudio: Little known fact: Back in the day my great uncle Ronnie “The Raging Bull” Frog was Inter-Swampinental Champion #OldSchoolWrestling
@RealMissPiggy: Attn @ExcuseMeWWE, a true #CougarInCharge wouldn’t take orders from Mr. McMahon. When a true star calls, her frog hops to it!
@RealMissPiggy: From one top diva to another, I salute @EveMarieTorres. In fact, I’d like to salute her, in person… with a folding chair. Heheh!
‏@MuppetsStudio: Gotta hand it to @thedamiensandow--I haven’t been this creeped out since Doc Hopper tried to get me into the frog legs business.
@RealMissPiggy: From Moi to @WWESheamus: It’s called spray tan. Look in to it. @HEELZiggler did. #PastyIsNotTasty
@RealMissPiggy: Those are two beautiful, chiseled, sweaty men… but I’d trade them both for movie night with Kermie. His treat, of course. #ClassyFrog
@RealMissPiggy: Finally! The Main Event. Moi challenges the winner! #DivaVsDiva
‏@RealMissPiggy: No, she took it too far. Never let them see you cry, honey. A diva only cries when the Academy refuses to hand over her gold statue!
@MuppetsStudio: That’s what I like about @JohnCena. Always looking out for others, even when facing a 400 lb. monster.
‏@MuppetsStudio: John is hanging in there. It must be like wrestling a mountain. Then again, not every mountain can hit you that hard. #Gulp
@MuppetsStudio: Thanks to all of our friends in #WWEUniverse! Tweet with you again real soon. Gotta hop outta here--I see The Shield coming this way!
@RealMissPiggy: Well, it has been fun tweeting along with all of vous fabulous #WWEUniverse people! Kissy kissy! #DivaOUT

Disney's The Muppets on Twitter:  @MuppetsStudio
Miss Piggy on Twitter:  @RealMissPiggy
The Muppets' Facebook page: www.facebook.com/muppets 
Watch the "All I Need Is Love" video  here


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