Cody Rhodes’ mustache draws divided reaction from the WWE Universe

Cody Rhodes’ mustache draws divided reaction from the WWE Universe

Team Rhodes Scholars appear on "Miz TV": Raw, Dec. 10, 2012

Team Rhodes Team Rhodes Scholars appear on "Miz TV" and ends up engaging in a heated war of words with The Miz.

In case you didn’t notice last night, the freshly reunited Team Rhodes Scholars now number at three: Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes and Cody Rhodes’ Mustache.

In a “tell me I did not just see that” moment, Rhodes channeled his inner Tom Selleck and strode to the ring with a fresh row of scruff on his upper lip for his first match since suffering a shoulder injury at the hands of Kane last month. It should be noted Cody rode the momentum of the mustache straight to a victory that sent Team Rhodes Scholars to WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs and a Tables Match against Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara. But it should also be noted that, within minutes of its unveiling, the mustache became the most controversial addition to the WWE roster since The nWo.

For starters, the fresh facial hair did not go unnoticed by the Newark, N.J., crowd, who took to derisively chanting “CO-DY’S MUS-TACHE!!!” each time the former Intercontinental Champion showed his face. The abuse went double for a particularly brutal interview on “Miz TV,” in which The Awesome One disparaged the appearance, origins and hygiene of the ’stache — not to mention the athletic ability of its progenitor — in one fell swoop.

But for each fan looking to clown on Cody’s facial hair, there were those members of the WWE Universe who stood up for the ’stache. These bold souls threw their hat firmly in the corner of controversy, comparing Rhodes to several well-groomed, classy gentlemen of film and television (for the record, we referred to it as "glorious"). So in the spirit of free speech, check out a smattering of Twitter reactions to Cody’s new mustache and see how Rhodes’ new facial hair stacks up to Kaitlyn’s top 10 mustaches in WWE history ( FULL LIST |  PHOTOS).

So enjoy the mustache, WWE Universe. And as always, remember: do not try this at home.

@JCLayfield: I love Cody Rhodes as well as his brother @DUSTIN_RHODES1 and a huge fan of his Dad @WWEDustyRhodes but that mustache is horrible! #heat
‏@Steven_D_Kane: When Cody Rhodes shaves that mustache, you have my permission to die.
@BostGardenBalc: Cody Rhodes with his mustache looks vaguely like Barry Windham when he wrestled as Blackjack Mulligan Jr. in 1981 #Raw
‏@TheDaveDes: Cody Rhodes looks like Ned Flanders with that mustache.
‏@mwfarr: Cody Rhodes's mustache just screams "Nascar driver" #codysmustache #RAW
@Alchemist_Who: Oh and Cody Rhodes is back with an Epic Mustache.
‏@CJFelony: I just saw @MikePWInsider sitting front row on @WWE RAW. I'm envious of the fact that he was in the presence of Cody Rhodes mustache.
@LuchaMovieCO: Cody rhodes mustache fail.
@NextBigThingSiD: If Cody keeps the 'stache, just call him Ravishing Rick Rhodes..
@SevenOhThree: I can't get over Cody Rhodes' mustache.
@TheTexasShooter: Is it me or does Cody Rhodes look like Walt Disney now?
‏@Team_Ackles: LOL = Cody Rhodes' mustache
@MattSaye: Dear Cody Rhodes, I don't know why you have that thing on your lip but get rid of it. Yesterday.
@becauseofblue: Wow! #RhodeStache is creepy as hell. #Raw
‏@Torch14: Can I just say that Cody Rhodes' mustache is epic? He looks like the quintessential bad cop.
‏@sXefreakychic13: Cody's mustache I hope Cody Rhodes knows it not #Movember anymore, but he is looking pretty rad

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