What’s Vickie’s new “AJ scandal” evidence?

What’s Vickie’s new “AJ scandal” evidence?

Late Thursday evening, Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero hinted on Twitter that she would unveil even more evidence of John Cena and AJ Lee’s so-called inappropriate relationship this Monday night, live on Raw. Although the nature of this evidence remains a mystery, it seems as though Vickie will be hard-pressed to top her previous bombshells that have blown the “AJ scandal” wide open.

For weeks, Vickie has dedicated herself to shedding new light on a supposed romance between the Cenation leader and the former Raw General Manager, who resigned from her post in October due to accusations that she was fraternizing with Cena. First, Vickie brought forward photographic evidence that Cena had dinner with AJ while she was Raw GM, followed up immediately by hand-held camera footage showing the pair getting into the same hotel elevator. But Vickie didn’t stop there.

Screening black-and-white hotel security footage on the TitanTron during the Nov. 5 edition of Raw, Guerrero gleefully pointed out that a bathrobe-garbed AJ — in what the Managing Supervisor called “a state of undress” — had seemingly entered Cena’s room after the pair’s “business dinner.” Not only that, but also a shirtless Cena would later hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on his door! ( WATCH)

Outrageous! Salacious! … Bogus?

Cena claims that Vickie’s security footage was doctored, and that he and AJ were staying in completely separate rooms the night they met for dinner. With new evidence continuing to trickle forth, however, the “AJ scandal” is far from over, and could very well hinge on whatever Vickie reveals on Monday.

But what is the nature of this evidence? Will we learn what really happened inside Cena’s hotel room, or is Guerrero slowly unraveling a plot to destroy the reputations of her rival and one of the most celebrated Superstars in WWE history?

Furthermore, how will Cena and AJ react on Raw, regardless of this evidence’s legitimacy? Taking on both Ryback and WWE Champion CM Punk in a high-stakes Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title at Survivor Series, the Cenation leader can’t afford to get sidetracked less than one week before the fall classic. As for AJ, the fiery Diva had to stop herself from physically attacking Vickie last week. If this new evidence is juicy enough, we wonder if AJ will be able to show the same restraint this time around. ( WATCH: AJ’s ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS)

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