Does Brad Maddox deserve his million-dollar opportunity?

Does Brad Maddox deserve his million-dollar opportunity?

Brad Maddox discusses his big match with Ryback next week: Exclusive, Nov. 5, 2012

Brad Maddox talks to about next week's match with Ryback and $1 million contract opportunity.

An opportunity like the one Mr. McMahon granted to Brad Maddox on Raw comes along once in a million lifetimes. Many members of the WWE Universe and Superstars in the locker room might be wondering why the "Hell" Maddox deserves it.


On next week's Raw, the developmental talent turned WWE referee will step into the ring to face Ryback with a million-dollar WWE contract hanging in the balance. That's right — the same man responsible for the most heinous attack by a WWE official ever gets the chance to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a Superstar if he can win just one match.

OK, we know what you're thinking: Ryback is going to tear this rogue ref apart like a turkey leg at Thanksgiving. You can imagine the punishment Ryback will inflict on the person responsible for ending his undefeated streak and costing him a potential WWE Championship victory inside Hell in a Cell. Does Maddox even stand a remote chance of making the nearly 300-pound juggernaut wince in pain, let alone pinning his shoulders to the canvas for a three-count?

Regardless of Maddox's long odds next week, however, one has to question the path which led him to such an extremely rare opportunity. Following his controversial actions at WWE Hell in a Cell and subsequent questioning by WWE's Board of Inquiry, Maddox finally decided to explain his blatant interference during the WWE Title Match to the entire WWE Universe on Raw ( VIDEO | PHOTOS). But instead of expressing remorse for the uproar he had caused, the disgraced official sounded ever so boastful about his plan — one that he confessed was his alone — to finally get noticed in WWE after struggling to get his foot in the door for years.

"I made an impact," Maddox said on Raw. "My actions, very simply, were driven by my desire to be somebody. Well, I'm somebody now! People know my name everywhere!"

The defiant Maddox then proceeded to demand a WWE contract and a match against Ryback — two wishes that Mr. McMahon promptly fulfilled.

Is it fair that Maddox's attention-grabbing stunt and whiny speech led him closer to breaking through as a WWE Superstar? Or is The Chairman hoping a brutal defeat to Ryback will be exactly what breaks Maddox's spirit for good — fitting discipline for his unforgivable attack at WWE Hell in a Cell?

Next Monday, Maddox might severely regret the night he ever crossed Ryback. But maybe, just maybe, he could pull off one of the greatest upsets in history and seize that coveted WWE contract. If the latter somehow comes to pass, letting Maddox slip through the door could prove to be a very costly decision. (WATCH EXCLUSIVE: MADDOX ON HIS BIG MATCH VS. RYBACK)

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