WWE's unofficial chain of command exposed

WWE's unofficial chain of command exposed

If you’re anything like us, chances are you’ve been a bit confused as to whatthe power structure is here at WWE. We all know who the guy is at the top, but beyond that, things get a little dicey from time to time. For example: What are the duties of the Managing Supervisor? What’s the difference between an Executive Administrator and an Assistant General Manager? Do lawyer types like David Otunga have any pull whatsoever? And what, what,what, exactly, gives a host the authority to make matches?

Well fear not, WWE Universe. WWE.com has convened for its biggest challenge yet and put together this unofficial chart of who does what, who is whose boss, and what, exactly, is the chain of command in the rough-and-tumble world of WWE.

We’ll not spoil it here, but we will say this: You might be surprised. 


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