Did CM Punk make a big mistake by not picking his opponent for Hell in a Cell?

Did CM Punk make a big mistake by not picking his opponent for Hell in a Cell?

We'll never know who was on the Hell in a Cell poster that CM Punk was supposed to reveal on Monday night's Raw.

Perhaps there was no poster underneath the curtain all along — just more hot air from the puffed-up WWE Champion.

Mr. McMahon granted Punk the option to choose John Cena or Ryback as his opponent for Hell in a Cell. But instead of seizing control over his own destiny on Raw, Punk opted to keep the WWE Universe waiting as he claimed he would need more time to make his decision. ( VIDEO | PHOTOS)

Much to Punk's surprise, that request was swiftly rejected by the boss.

"Guess what pal — you just blew it," Mr. McMahon barked at The Straight Edge Superstar. "You're not going to make your own decision. I'm going to make the decision for you."

In separate one-on-one conversations with Mr. McMahon, both Cena and Ryback made strong cases why they should face Punk for the WWE Title inside Hell in a Cell. But ultimately, it was the undefeated juggernaut who would sign the championship contract after Cena respectfully stepped aside. Ryback will now get to sink his teeth into his greatest challenge because the leader of the Cenation deferred to him. (MORE: DID CENA 'PASS THE TORCH' TO RYBACK?)

Did Punk make a crucial error by attempting to delay his choice? Ryback's actions during the explosive contract signing might have the WWE Champion asking himself this very question. Shortly after Cena voiced his support for Ryback with a "feed me more" chant, the nearly 300-pound wrecking machine emphatically slammed Punk's head into the table and planted him into the canvas with Shell Shocked ( VIDEO | PHOTOS). If you thought that was a wild display of rage, imagine what Ryback could be capable of once he's locked inside Hell in a Cell on Oct. 28 with The Straight Edge Superstar.

Punk can only hold himself responsible for the daunting showdown that lies ahead. Although it's far from a guarantee that facing Cena would've been the easier matchup, at least the WWE Champion knew what he would've been up against: a very familiar — and still injured — rival. Now, in less than two weeks, Punk must come face to face with the "devil he doesn't know" rather than "the devil he does."

Can The Straight Edge Superstar find a way to derail the speeding locomotive that is Ryback? Or will Punk look back on the critical night he allowed fate to select the future WWE Champion? ( PREVIEW)

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