Should CM Punk respect Ryback?

Should CM Punk respect Ryback?

WWE Champion CM Punk continues his quest to wrench respect from the WWE Universe by any means necessary, but one Superstar has earned it the only way he knows how: by completely and utterly dismantling his opponents in the middle of the ring. That indomitable ring warrior is, of course, the behemoth known only as Ryback, who has seemingly set his sights on The Second City Savior.

Two times in as many weeks, Ryback has defended against the WWE Champion’s sadistic attempts to humiliate WWE Legend Mick Foley and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. ( WATCH | PHOTOS) Yet, even though the WWE Universe would no doubt relish the chance to see Punk Shell Shocked as penance for his actions as of late, The Straight Edge Superstar has twice avoided confrontation with the rampaging Ryback. One could argue that fleeing from a near-300-pound beast is an understandable act of self-preservation. It’s also entirely likely that Ryback has yet to earn the respect of the WWE Champion, though, which begs the question: Why not?

To say that Ryback has been unstoppable since his ring-shaking emergence on the April 6 edition of SmackDown would be a gross understatement. The beast from Sin City has laid waste to opponents of all shapes and sizes, including Intercontinental Champion The Miz, Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater, Curt Hawkins, the hulking Tensai and countless local competitors — some of whom challenged Ryback two at a time. All the while, the undefeated Ryback has approached competition with a singular battle cry of “Feed me more!” (WATCH: RYBACK'S HUNGER FOR DESTRUCTION)

While Ryback salivates at the thought of his next meal, the WWE Champion is evidently on a diet. Just as Punk brushed off John Cena’s recent challenge to battle for the WWE Title inside Hell in a Cell, The Straight Edge Superstar also refuses to acknowledge the massive challenge that stands in front of him — perhaps the ultimate sign of disrespect to a Superstar with an undying hunger for competition.

For how long will Punk be able to evade Ryback? Is it time for The Second City Saint to stand firm in the path of this juggernaut? That sure sounds like something “The Best in the World” would do.

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