Larry King ruled as Social Media Ambassador on Raw

Larry King ruled as Social Media Ambassador on Raw

Worlds did indeed collide on Oct. 1 when world-renowned journalist Larry King joined the WWE family as the Social Media Ambassador for Monday Night Raw. Long beloved from his years hosting "Larry King Live" on CNN, King has conducted some of the most iconic interviews of the 20th century, and has amassed numerous awards in the journalism community. He is the recipient of two Peabody Awards and 10 Cable ACE Awards. "Live" ran from 1985 to 2010, when King bid farewell to his signature series. However, King will soon begin his newest venture, "Larry King Now." An interview series which will air exclusively on Hulu, the new show will mix King's signature interview style with "field" segments that will bring King to a whole new audience.

Speaking of a whole new audience, it's safe to say that King offered a unique insight into an episode of Raw. The Peabody winner brought his signature dry wit to the proceedings, not to mention some good old fashioned disdain for Intercontinental Champion The Miz. Here are Larry King's tweets for The Day After Raw.

@kingsthings: What's with this @CMPunk guy? He has some explaining to do #WWELarryKing #RAW 
@kingsthings: This @heymanhustle is a lot of hot air #WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: I take that back, @WWEDanielBryan is the one full of hot air #WWELarryKing #RAW
@kingsthings: I'm excited to see this tag team match. Who do you think will win? #WWELarryKing #RAW
@kingsthings: I knew Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio would win. Those guys can fly. #WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: Make sure to get your questions to the #SheamusShow. I want to know how he stays so white? #WWELarryKing #RAW
@kingsthings: My old friend - the Funkasaurus @BrodusClay! I hope he's okay. #WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: This kid @zackryder I like and I'll tell you why - he know's almost as much about the Internet as I do. #WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: Who does this guy @mikethemiz think he is? Lets go @zackryder
‏@kingsthings: I hear @mikethemiz has a talk show. I think I can teach him a thing or two about that. #WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: The Great World Heavyweight Debate and I don't mean Obama versus Romney #WWELarryKing #RAW @WWESheamus @WWETheBigShow
@kingsthings: Winner? @WWESheamus #WWELarryKing #RAW
@kingsthings: I don't know what @Ryback22 is but he's not human! #WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: Happy Appreciation Night @JRSBBQ#WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: Wow - the Diva's didn't disappoint. Congrats Eve! #WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: Hey @Mikethemiz - anyone that says they're awesome usually isn't #WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: One Man Band? Get real! #WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: And that's why @WWESheamus is the World Heavyweight Champion! #WWELarryKing #RAW
@kingsthings: Someone needs to take that title away from @CMPunk. #WWELarryKing #RAW
@kingsthings: I respect @Ryback22 for defending @JRSBBQ#WWELarryKing #RAW
@kingsthings: Looking forward to seeing Team Hell No beat @CMPunk and @heelziggler#WWELarryKing #RAW
@kingsthings: Get ready to hold on to your suspenders -@truekofi is the real deal! #WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: Goodbye and good riddance @ExcuseMeWWE#WWELarryKing #RAW
‏@kingsthings: Well, it appears @CMPunk just got a taste of his own medicine. #WWELarryKing #RAW
@kingsthings: Thank you everyone, except @mikethemiz, had a great time in the @WWEUniverse! #WWELarryKing #RAW

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