Has Ryback bitten off more than he can chew with The Miz?

Has Ryback bitten off more than he can chew with The Miz?

Thus far, opponents have had two options when facing Ryback: run for their lives or be devoured trying to be the first to defeat him. ( WATCH PLAYLIST)

One by one, WWE Superstars stepped into the ring with the musclebound behemoth and regretted their decision within mere seconds when they were folded up like an accordion by a running lariat. As his list of Shell Shocked victims grew, Ryback's appetite for "MORE" only became more insatiable. It was just a matter of time before he marched his way up the food chain.

On Monday night's Raw, Ryback set his sights on his most awesome target yet: The Miz. The talk show debut of "Miz TV" turned into a one-man wrecking showcase as Ryback demolished the set and hurled two couches at the Intercontinental Champion ( VIDEO). Afterward, an irate Miz threw a temper tantrum backstage and demanded that Ryback needs to show respect to "one of the most decorated Superstars in all of WWE." ( VIDEO)

It takes more than a couple of flying couches to intimidate The Miz, especially when he feels he's been belittled in his moment to shine. The WWE Triple Crown Champion rarely misses an opportunity to smite those who dare to upstage him, nor is he shy about stealing the spotlight away from a Superstar beloved by the WWE Universe.

Alex Riley and Daniel Bryan learned first-hand how vindictive Miz can be, as they went from protégés to bitter rivals in the blink of an eye because they stood up to his massive ego. On the road to WrestleMania XXVII, The Miz even went so far as to pose as The Rock and brutally attack John Cena to prove a point that no one should ever look past him as WWE Champion. ( VID EO)

There's no question that Ryback is hungry for bigger and better challengers in his quest to be the most dominant Superstar in WWE. But is someone as painfully persistent as The Miz the right pick? Could Ryback be outmatched in a battle of brute force vs. devious mind games? While the 291-pound hulk is racking weights at the gym, you can bet the Intercontinental Champion is up nights plotting the most fiendish way to get payback over his "Miz TV" disaster.

After months of total destruction, Ryback's latest choice of prey may be the first that's too tough to sink his teeth into.

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