Ziggler demands rematch with Y2J via Tout

Ziggler demands rematch with Y2J via Tout

Dolph Ziggler challenges Chris Jericho to a rematch following his defeat at SummerSlam 2012

In a battle of words on TOUT, Chris Jericho demands a SummerSlam rematch with Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho might have scored his biggest win of the year when he beat Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam, though it looks as if Y2J’s pivotal win did little to quiet “Mr. Money in the Bank.”

Hours after tapping out to Jericho, Ziggler took to Tout Sunday night to declare his loss was a “fluke.” The Showoff closed the 15-second salvo with a demand — not a request, as he made clear — for a rematch against Jericho.

The boisterous Tout likely did not shock Jericho, who as much as predicted Ziggler’s reaction in a WWE.com exclusive interview. ( WATCH)

Jericho responded to Ziggler’s Tout with one of his own, in which the six-time World Champion questioned whether The Showoff knows how to “win the big one.” In turn, Ziggler again Touted, this time saying Y2J “owes” him a rematch, adding, “… unless you’re afraid of just how damn good I am.”

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