Why Brock should be feared: Remembering Cena vs. Lesnar at Extreme Rules

Shawn Michaels had it right on Monday: Brock Lesnar is not an opponent to be taken lightly in any respect, by Triple H or any other competitor walking this Earth. To step into the ring, the Octagon or any type of battlefield against Lesnar is to go up against a veritable force of nature. So it’s understandable that when The Game bristled at his best friend’s implication — that all of Triple H’s skills might not be enough to weather “The Perfect Storm” — Michaels tried to remind him, in the gentlest way possible, exactly who The King of Kings was dealing with ( PREVIEW: TRIPLE H VS. LESNAR).

"I've been in the ring with the toughest in this line of work," HBK told Triple H backstage at Raw, "but this guy Brock is on a whole different level."

"You saying I can't win?" The Game replied, "I got this guy."

The Showstopper, for his part, didn't sound entirely convinced, though his support of Triple H was unwavering. "You know where my heart is in this," he told his friend before taking his leave.

We all know what happened later: Lesnar snatched "Mr. WrestleMania" straight out of his car, dragged him to the ring and snapped his arm in a Kimura Lock to the horror of both Triple H and Paul Heyman, who didn't seem to think his client would actually go through with the dastardly act ( WATCH | TRIPLE H'S REACTION).

It was both a reminder of Lesnar's power ( he did the same thing to Triple H a few months back) and a potential preview of things to come. If that wasn't enough for Triple H, The Game can consult John Cena to get an idea of what’s coming. The Cenation leader is the only other WWE competitor to face Lesnar since the former UFC Heavyweight Champion’s return in April, in an Extreme Rules Match at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view ( PHOTOS). Cena won that contest by a narrow margin, but few could call it decisive, and Cena’s legions of boobirds would have fair grounds to argue the victory was a fluke. Lesnar took Cena to the absolute limit, drilling his opponent to the mat and battering him within seconds of the opening bell.

Before the final, desperate Attitude Adjustment that put Lesnar down for the count, Cena suffered an F-5, a Kimura Lock onto the steel steps and, in one horrifying moment, was strung up by his ankles with his own chain while Lesnar went to work on Cena like Rocky Balboa in a meat locker.

But don’t take our word for it; there’s plenty of photographic evidence that supports Lesnar’s terrifying prowess in the ring. We won’t count Triple H out just yet — The Game has too many epic victories under his belt for us to make that mistake — but … well, let’s say that when he steps into “The Perfect Storm,” he might find, metaphorically speaking, that he’s gonna need a bigger boat.


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