Is AJ Lee unstable or just power hungry?

Raw General Manager AJ Lee is interviewed by Exclusive, August 23, 2012

AJ Lee answers questions about Dolph Ziggler's match on Raw.

In just four short weeks as Raw General Manager, AJ Lee has managed to stir up plenty of controversy. From forcing CM Punk to defend his WWE Championship in a Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam to making Daniel Bryan undergo mandatory psychological evaluation, the allegedly unbalanced Diva hasn’t done much to get herself in the good graces of part of the WWE locker room.

During Raw this past Monday, reporters overheard Superstars and Divas wondering whether the diminutive Diva has let the absolute power that comes with her position go to her head rather quickly.

All it seems to take is the utterance of the word “crazy” within shouting distance of Lee to earn a competitor a match where the odds are heavily stacked against him or her. Just ask JTG, who was forced to do battle with the demolition machine called Ryback, or David Otunga, who was knocked out by an enraged Big Show after offering his legal services to the new GM.

There’s one Superstar in particular, though, who has a pretty big bone to pick with Lee after one of her rulings Monday night.

Dolph Ziggler strapped a rocket to his back when he won the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Contract. He has a guaranteed opportunity at the championship to use at any time in the next year. All but one Superstar have successfully cashed in their contract, making The Showoff a near-lock to become World Heavyweight Champion.

However, that rocket almost came crashing back down to Earth Monday night - with Ziggler attached - when Lee forced Ziggler to risk his guaranteed title opportunity against Jericho’s WWE contract in a SummerSlam rematch. ( WATCH) Dolph had been begging for another chance at Jericho since Y2J’s arm was raised in victory Sunday night at The Biggest Party of the Summer, sending a Tout following the pay-per-view and stating that nothing was settled between the two.

Ziggler had no reason to believe he would be forced into risking the opportunity of a lifetime to get Jericho in the ring once again. He looked extremely uneasy as Lee made the match. His manager, Vickie Guerrero, paced around the locker room, stressing the importance of Monday’s match.

“We have to win!” she screamed at The Showoff, imagining her meal ticket disappearing with a single three-count.

A clearly anxious Ziggler tried his best to calm her down, guaranteeing victory. Though Ziggler defeated Jericho, removing a big thorn from his side, he still had a sour taste in his mouth after Raw went off the air. Sources close to The Showoff tell that even though Ziggler is glad to be rid of Y2J once and for all, he and Guerrero still felt AJ Lee’s decision to put his Money in the Bank Contract at risk was extremely harsh.

Making the situation even more confusing is that earlier in the show, AJ refused to grant Alberto Del Rio a World Heavyweight Title rematch against Sheamus, saying that she had no jurisdiction over SmackDown's championship. How, then, could she force Ziggler to put the blue brand's Money in the Bank Contract up for grabs? caught up with Lee to clear up the confusion regarding her jurisdiction. However, when we asked her about it, her response made us a little uneasy about continuing that line of questioning. ( WATCH INTERVIEW)

Since his very short World Heavyweight Title reign in 2011, Ziggler has been slowly clawing his way back to the top of WWE. Lee’s snap decision could have sent him back to the bottom of the ladder.

AJ Lee’s rash decision-making has left Ziggler, his fellow Superstars and the entire WWE Universe wondering whether she is as unstable as once believed, or if the power she now wields over the Raw roster has consumed her completely.

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