Raw Five-Point Preview: July 23, 2012

Raw Five-Point Preview: July 23, 2012

Raw 1,000 is officially upon us, and the stakes have never been higher for everyone involved. Brock Lesnar will return to a WWE ring to answer Triple H’s SummerSlam challenge in person, likely with his devilish mouthpiece, Paul Heyman, in tow. The Rock will also make his grand return for the first time since April 2, and will probably have a few words for the WWE Champion … which may end up being a different Superstar at the end of the night since John Cena has stated he’ll cash in his Money in the Bank WWE Championship Match contract on the embattled CM Punk before the night is out. Oh, and by the way, Raw is three hours, starting at 8/7 CT, not just this Monday but every Monday from now on! Here are five things to look forward to on this historic night.

Brock it down

Paul Heyman reveals Brock Lesnar will respond to Triple H's challenge on Raw's 1,000th episode: Raw, July 2, 2012

Brock Lesnar's agent Paul Heyman says Brock Lesnar will appear on Raw's 1,000th episode to confront Triple H.

D-Generation X will kick off the show at 8/7 CT with an official reunion that’ll likely leave the WWE Universe rolling in the aisles. Triple H and Shawn Michaels still pal around now and then in the ring together, but this is the first time they’ll officially appear under the DX banner in a long time. Expect hijinks to ensue … unless Brock Lesnar has other plans in store for the beloved duo’s homecoming party.

Just say "YES!"

AJ and Daniel Bryan journey into a bakery to find the ideal cake for their Raw 1,000 wedding: WWE.com Exclusive - July 19, 2012

AJ and Daniel Bryan head to a bakery to prepare for their wedding.

Daniel Bryan and AJ are getting hitched, and while the denizens of the WWE Universe had a surprising amount of well-wishes for the controversial couple, we’re not entirely convinced that there isn’t something fishy going on here. Bryan is a good many things, but a sentimentalist he is not, and AJ’s moods change with the wind these days. Plus, was it just us or did Kane and AJ share another one of those “moments” on SmackDown that The Big Red Monster said he was trying to avoid. Kane has an “eventful” history regarding weddings on Raw; will he add this one to his list of matrimonial mayhem? Or will the nuptials go off without a hitch for once?

Who's the new GM?

The Anonymous Raw General Manager is revealed: Raw, July 9, 2012

Hornswoggle is revealed to be the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

Raw’s power structure has been in a state of flux in the weeks since John Laurinaitis met his ignominious end at No Way Out. The Raw brand has been under the supervision of Mick Foley, Vickie Guerrero and the Anonymous General Manager, who was revealed to be Hornswoggle. But come Raw 1,000, a new head honcho will be named, and the WWE Universe has no idea who it’s going to be. Will it be any of the previous interim candidates? Perhaps a unified WWE under Teddy Long? Or will the grassroots campaign to install William Regal as Raw GM lift off and usher the red brand into its new era?

Rock the house

The Rock recalls his "Once in a Lifetime" showdown with John Cena: Raw, April 2, 2012

The Rock talks about his WrestleMania match with John Cena and gives a promise to the WWE Universe.

FINALLY … The Rock will come back to Raw on the 1,000th episode, and he’ll likely have some important business on his mind. When last we saw him, The Great One dropped the bombshell that he intended to reclaim the WWE Championship in the next phase of his comeback, and he’s already said via Twitter that he’ll be addressing that goal before the assembled WWE Universe on Raw 1,000. Which means a confrontation between The People’s Champion and CM Punk isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility. Then again …

Show me the Money (in the Bank)!

CM Punk vs. Big Show: Raw, July 16, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk goes one-on-one with Big Show in the main event and John Cena makes a big announcement regarding his WWE Championship Money In The Bank Contract.

John Cena is coming for CM Punk. The Cenation leader gave his solemn vow last week to the WWE Universe that he would redeem the coveted Money in the Bank contract against The Second City Saint for a one-on-one opportunity at Punk’s WWE Championship on Raw 1,000. Apart from the odd twist of fate this represents for Punk himself (he’s a two-time Money in the Bank winner and twice cashed it in on vulnerable foes to abscond with the World Heavyweight Championship), this also presents the possibility for Cena to reignite his rivalry with The Rock, only with the consequences elevated to new heights by the wrinkle of the WWE Title. Money in the Bank history is on Cena’s side, but he has yet to defeat Punk for the title since losing it to him at last year’s Money in the Bank. Which Superstar will win out when the big one is on the line?

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