Alex Guerrero, Jr. named WWE's 100 millionth social media fan

Alex Guerrero, Jr. named WWE's 100 millionth social media fan

For Alex Guerrero, Jr., July 23 is about to get 1,000 times better.

The San Antonio native and longtime WWE fan got a big surprise a few days ago when he followed the Raw Facebook page and, unbeknownst to him, became WWE’s 100 millionth social media follower, eclipsing the historic benchmark and further cementing WWE as one of the most followed brands in the world. One phone call later and Guerrero, 27, was presented with his big reward: free tickets to Monday’s 1,000th episode of Raw in St. Louis, Mo.

“I couldn’t contain my excitement when [I found out] — I was actually at work,” Guerrero told ( WATCH: ALEX'S TOUT)

A pharmacy worker who says he’s been a WWE fan “forever,” Guerrero typically watches Raw SuperShow either at his home or hanging out with buddies, some of whom are fans as well. He’s a longtime follower of WWE but says he hasn’t been to a show since the 2007 Royal Rumble, which took place in Guerrero’s hometown.

That show had the memorable WWE Title Match featuring John Cena, years before the Cenation leader heads into battle for the same prize. It’s safe to say Guerrero is even more so psyched to see the events of Raw 1,000, which promises a marquee list of returning Superstars like D-Generation X and must-see events like the wedding of Daniel Bryan and AJ. The first thing Guerrero says he’s looking forward to is the return of The Rock, who he describes as “hands down” his favorite Superstar, but there’s plenty else that has the longtime fan waiting in great anticipation.

“I’m really excited to see DX, really excited to see CM Punk, he’s been one of my favorites ever since he was in ECW … whatever Superstars may show up.”

As for the much-anticipated WWE Championship Match between Punk and John Cena? Well, Guerrero’s a bit more torn on that one.

“I want Cena to win, but I would say Punk will come out with the win,” Guerrero said of the blockbuster match. “[I like] his attitude and the way he goes about wrestling. He gets to the point and I like how he doesn’t take any crap from anybody.”

Guerrero will also get what may be the biggest perk of all: He’ll get to appear on the show itself and be featured on WWE’s social media outlets. Nobody knows what capacity the lucky fan will be featured in just yet. It’s safe to say he’s living the dream on the biggest night to do so.

“[I’m excited] for whatever surprises come my way,” Guerrero told of his anticipation for the show. Safe to say that since he is one of those surprises, excitement must be at an all-time high.

Congratulations, Alex. See you for Raw 2,000.

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