The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for July 10, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for July 10, 2012

So much to say. So very, very much to say. As we close in on Money in the Bank, Monday night's Raw SuperShow was full of bombshells and revelations – from the romantic to the bizarre – that shook WWE to its core. Suffice to say, it has been a long, long time since we can remember a Raw that featured not one but two marriage proposals, the resolution of a years-old mystery, and the inimitable Mr. Bob Backlund torqueing poor Heath Slater in the Crossface Chickenwing. Here are your tweets for The Day After Raw!

Holy matrimony!

Not one, but two Superstars got down on their knees and proposed marriage to the person they loved Monday night. WWE wedding planners shouldn't get to work just yet, though: AJ's proposal to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan's proposal to AJ didn't lead to much on Raw SuperShow besides a stinging slap in the face from The Geek Goddess to both paramours after The Second City Saint (politely, we'll note) turned her down. In all honesty, given the history of on-air Raw weddings, it could have gone worse. (Exhibit A: the vow renewal ceremony between Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.) But it did make for some pretty fantastic tweets.

The Anonymous Raw General Manager returns to make the night's main event: Raw, July 9, 2012

After two marriage proposals, the Anonynous Raw General Manager steps in to try and set things straight.

@CarleyNissley: Punk's facial reaction to AJ's proposal was pretty much the best thing ever. I felt as uncomfortable as he looked. #Raw
@BruiserBennett: The more I see of @WWEAJLee the more I'm liking her! #raw.
@joemayzin: @CMPunk your facial reactions are beyond priceless lol you really are the best in the world #raw
@gregmparks: Only in pro wrestling is "I don't see you as a special referee...I see you as a special person" a romantic line. #Raw
@DivaAlexxandra: If @WWEDanielBryan and @WWEAJLee end up together I swear I will freak if he hoists her up on his shoulder and points. #YES #Raw#OhhhYeaah
@DivaDear12: @WWEAJLee you are honestly the weirdest person I know.. And that's why I like you.. :) @WWE #RAW
@allysonfaithk: Marriage is a little out of the blue.... right @CMPunk #RAW
@JennieC_Powers: I am so glad that CM Punk said NO to marrying AJ tonight on #Raw. Let's out huge sigh of relief.
@ayumidah: Obviously there can only be one conclusion to the end of tonight's #Raw: AJ's future husband is Lil Jimmy
@MarkinOut: RT if you would marry AJ. #WWE #Raw

Elementary, my dear 'Swoggle

Leave it to Santino Marella to do what no other Superstar could in two previous years: On Monday night, the U.S. Champion did his best Sherlock Holmes impression and uncovered the identity of the Anonymous Raw General Manager. For one evening only, the laptop was back in charge, and The Italian Stallion made it his personal mission to root the mystery man out from whatever hidey-hole he'd hidden himself in. As it turned out, he was (literally) right under everyone's noses the whole time, as Santino (with some help from Jerry "The King" Lawler) rooted the shadowy figurehead out from under the ring to reveal none other than Hornswoggle himself.

We're fairly sure your subsequent (and, uh, colorful) reactions nearly blew up Twitter, but we managed to find 10 suitable comments for public consumption all the same. Well done, WWE Universe.

The Anonymous Raw General Manager is revealed: Raw, July 9, 2012

Hornswoggle is revealed to be the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

‏@dem912: 5 bucks says Hornswoggle will be AJ's husband too #RAW
‏@RawthoughtsDD: Was Hornswoggle also the culprit behind G TV? #raw @WWE
‏@kaleidoruby: #Raw so uh. Hornswoggle. Um. Yes.
‏@SidBridgeComedy: Hornswoggle was The Black Scorpion. #raw
@DamionMachina: Sort of makes sense though, with Hornswoggle being a McMahon and all. #raw
‏@JasonDarrick: Hornswoggle as the Anonymous GM! Took forever to pay off the angle, but that was actually funny. #Raw
‏@yessysmiley: hornswoggle was the mysterious gm omg freakin hilarious lol
@Lil_JK2: so this whole dam time the Anonymous GM was Hornswoggle #WWE #Raw #WOW
‏@TheeBlueMeanie: So it's been Hornswoggle that's been Hornswoggling everyone at WWE as anonymous #RAW GM, hahaha!
‏@Ignatiusdiggs: Who shot Tupac? Hornswoggle. The 2nd gunman? Hornswoggle. Deep Throat? Hornswoggle. Jack the Ripper? Etc. #raw

That's #MrBobBacklund to you

Heath Slater had another rough night on Raw SuperShow, falling to Sin Cara in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match before demanding that a former WWE Champion give him a one-on-one contest right then and there. It's safe to assume that he wasn't expecting Mr. Bob Backlund, who A) looks fantastic well into his 60s, and B) is just as explosive as ever, as he locked The One-Man Band in the Crossface Chickenwing and turned him into a human pretzel before all was said and done. Welcome back, Mr. Backlund. Welcome back.

Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater - World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Raw, July 9, 2012

Heath Slater looks to make a winning streak and advance into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Contract.

@JakeStump: The only thing missing from Bob Backlund's return was the fan in the bright yellow Bob Backlund shirt from the Manhattan Center days. #raw
‏@tibowman: Bob Backlund still looks like a kid but he's like 70 years old. Amazing. #RAW
‏@WWEChris_Cross: @WWE WOW great to see one of the biggest legends of all time Bob Backlund back on #Raw
‏@HotshotAlex: Bob Backlund should be entered into the Raw Money in the Bank match. He's a former champion after all @wwe #raw
‏@toojiggy: Bob Backlund was my 1st favorite wrestler. Shook my hand after a match when I was in 3rd grade. Didn't wash it...til my mom made me. #RAW
‏@cloudlocke: BOB BACKLUND!! Please give @HeathSlaterOMRB the cross-faced chicken wing! #RAW
‏@Yanderlei: Bob Backlund, son! #Raw
‏@OfficialVandy: #ThatsMrBacklundToYou That was amazing! Bob Backlund is a true wrestling legend! #RAW #CrossfaceChickenWing
‏@WWERealTalk: I want to have the same body Bob Backlund has when I turn 63. Amazing! @WWE #Raw
@THEJamminJeff: Bob Backlund DOES NOT AGE #YouStillGotIt #Raw

The Best of the Rest

With all the sleuthing and betrothals going on, you wouldn't think the WWE Universe had anything else to tweet about. Think again, dear reader. Even WWE Legends (hi, Mick!) chimed in on the rest of the show, which included an almost-unanimous love for Santino's take on the sleuth from 221B Baker Street, and, as always, a neverending stream of animosity toward Big Show. Here's the best of the rest from Monday night's Raw SuperShow.

Santino Marella tries to find out who the Anonymous Raw General Manager is: Raw, July 9, 2012

Santino Marella goes on a hunt to find out the identity of the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

@realMickFoley: Is that last segment with @MichaelCole eligible for #RAW "Greatest Moments" consideration? Would love to revisit that magic moment again!
@chefheatherc: I have to save #RAW on my DVR all week because my son asks for @CMPunkeveryday, multiple times a day! Oh yeah, he's 3... #youngestpunkfan
‏@krystynaCENA: He said we could tweet it, so I will(: "I, John Cena, will win Money in the Bank !" I'm sure you will:D #Raw
@ForeignObjects_: Santino searching for the Anonymous Raw GM has potential to be a sitcom. "Operation: COBRA" @WWE #Raw
‏@AbigaelHay: Santino is 3/4 Sherlock 1/4 Steve from Blue's Clues #soundslikeaclue #raw
‏@WWEAJEll: I love @KiddWWE I want to slap Tensai #RAW
‏@bob_calhoun: They need to reboot the Sherlock Holmes franchise with @MilanMiracle as the classic sleuth. @WWE #RAW
@BriannaDav: I HATE YOU BIG SHOW!! (; #Raw
@aj0314: Zack Ryder was on Raw. #WheresWalbro #WWE #RAW #RAWisAJ

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