The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for July 3, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for July 3, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for July 3, 2012

Why so serious? Doink the Clown may have come out on the losing end of his Raw SuperShow return, but the WWE Universe was pumped  all the same to see their favorite clown tangle with The One-Man Band Heath Slater. While the embattled Slater was reversing his fortunes, AJ left the WWE Universe reeling with a newfound aggression, Tyson Kidd continued his winning ways, and USA Network debuted a pretty funny Raw 1,000 commercial to close out the night. These are your tweets for The Day After Raw.

Heath Slater: Legend killer?

Slater wins! Slater wins! After falling short in efforts against Vader and Sycho Sid, Heath Slater's long-running quest to defeat a WWE legend finally bore fruit when he scored a pinfall over none other than Doink the Clown. The night wasn't quite over for The One-Man Band, however, as Diamond Dallas Page strolled down to the ring and flattened Slater with the Diamond Cutter. All is as it should be.

Doink the Clown vs. Heath Slater: Raw, July 2, 2012

Heath Slater isn't clowning around when he squares off against Doink and gets confronted by DDP.

@Markie_mark8: Awesome my least favorite character DOINK THE CLOWN is on #raw right now im still terrified
@jlinstantkarma: I actually teared up a little seeing @RealDDPdoing a Diamond Cutter again. What the hell is wrong with me? #Raw
@arda_ocal: A clown in tennis shoes... Now I've seen it all. #raw @WWE
‏@AngelaDawn623: Doink The Clown scared me when I was a child. And he still does. #RAW
‏@GlenHerron: Think my favorite moment on #raw was micheal cole reminding lawler of the time doink caled him #burgerking
@AFWifeMarie: Woot! It's Doink... #RAW
‏@CMPunk: Was Doink wearing sketchers?
@DainKinkaide: #MarkingOut SO HARD. Doink and DDP on #RAW.
‏@ForeignObjects_: Still reeling over the DDP appearance. Overcome with a sudden urge to watch "Ready 2 Rumble" @WWE #Raw
‏@Nash77: DDP on Raw....Self High Five...Love it @WWE #RAW

Punk or Bryan? Let's table it for now

The moral of the story, we suppose, is that AJ and conveniently placed tables are a deadly combination. The Geek Goddess pranced out to the ring at the end of John Cena & WWE Champion CM Punk's tag match against Daniel Bryan & Chris Jericho, and seemed set to take a leap from the turnbuckle through the pine for some reason known only to her. But as Punk and Bryan both tried to talk her down, AJ gave Punk a showstopping kiss on the lips that left The Voice of the Voiceless, erm, voiceless just long enough for her to shove him off the turnbuckle and into Bryan, causing both men to crash through the table below.

John Cena & CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho & Daniel Bryan: Raw, July 2, 2012

John Cena & CM Punk battle their bitter rivals Chris Jericho & Daniel Bryan.

@SoFarAway_6661: I literally screamed "NOOOOOO" when AJ kissed CM Punk.. #RAW
@Thinkin_bout_it: I've always wanted to be CM Punk but not as much as tonight #Raw
@ajeanetteorg: #ArriveSkipPutPeopleThroughTablesLeave#RAW
‏@itswilltime: Somehow that CM Punk and AJ segment sold me #MITB. Seriously. It wins. I’m buying. #WWE #Raw
‏@irishpetedoyle: #RAW main event was excellent tonight. AJ has it down and is making this very interesting. The commercial for @WWE 1000th Raw was awesome!
‏@WWERockCena: I am now starting to see how wise Kane was to step down from the "AJ Spotlight" when he did! #WWE #Raw #YES Daniel Bryan CM Punk Table
‏@MGnops: AJ just put Daniel Bryan AND CM Punk through a table. WHAT THE HELL!? #RAW #RAWTonight
@ReneCaceres21: Glad AJ kissed punk but not happy that she put him through a table #RAW it's a good thing #Smackdown is tmrw I don't think I could wait
@Sleepaholdo: @wwe #raw AJ ... GET THE TABLE!!
@philliesfan994: AJ makes ppl fall in love the hard way. Off the ring apron and through a table #RAW @WWE

The 1-2-3 Kidd

One week after qualifying for the World Heavyweight Championship Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Tyson Kidd continued his winning ways by surprising a furious Tensai with a roll-up and pinning him just a few minutes into their match. You were pretty excited about this one, so frankly we'll let you take it from here.

Tyson Kidd vs. Tensai: Raw, July 2, 2012

Tyson Kidd tries to take down the mighty Tensai.

@87Rated: BANK ON THE KIDD #Raw
‏@AlanEdgeHead: Tyson Kidd for US Champ! @WWE #RAW
‏@TheGlamaHartFan: Tyson Kidd beat Tensai #YESYESYES @WWE #RAW
‏@alsleet777: Let's go Tyson Kidd! YES YES YES Next Mr. Money in the Bank! #RAW
‏@Dejay11chris: Just realized both Heath Slater and Tyson Kidd won on the same night! This #Raw is my dream episode.
‏@Dejay11chris: ...Tensai can attack Kidd all he wants, it'll never take the smile off my face. Kidd won on #Raw!
‏@ryanellis3: Nice to see Tyson Kidd on #Raw for once, been really impressed with his performances on #NXT.
‏@Russmiser: Tyson Kidd for World Heavyweight Champion #RAW
‏@AdrianIsCute: I'm at work, Tyson Kidd wins a match. This is life. #Raw

The Best of the Rest

Mr. McMahon seemingly stole the show in absentia last night, thanks to a recap of his training for the 1999 Royal Rumble ( WATCH) and the new commercial for Raw 1,000, which had the WWE Universe abuzz at the end of the show. Alberto Del Rio issued a vicious statement, one fan's nephew seems to be coming around to the "YES!" craze, and, frankly, the return of Raw is Jericho was a long, long time coming. We didn't quite think we'd ever, EEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVERRR, see it A-GAIN. 

And seriously, we hope you were watching late. Because that commercial was pretty great (see what we did there?).

WWE Raw starts at 8 PM starting July 23

Starting July 23, Raw will begin at 8 PM.

@Wrestle_React@WWE: Loved the recap of Vince McMahon training for #RoyalRumble 99 on #Raw. One of my favorite memories of Austin vs McMahon "I Hate Austin"
@chrisspeer: My 4 year old nephew won't stop hitting me with a 2 liter bottle and yelling "YES!" @WWE#Raw
@Lucks4Losers: I want the Jericho/Daniel Bryan "Yes! (Never) Again!" as my ringtone. #WWE #RAW
@OSInterference: Old-school Y2J tonight! I love it! @WWE#RAW
‏@BNosanchuk: Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio on #Raw? #MuyInteresante!
‏@Hathawaaay: At the risk of dating him or myself... Hearing @IAmJericho say Eeeeeeeeeeeeever! On #Raw made me feel like a kid again.. Classic Jericho.
‏@krystynaCENA: Jericho's face when Kane's music hit, and then 'Otherwise.' Haha, priceless(: #Raw
‏@Twilightifully: BEST. COMMERCIAL. EVER. #Raw
‏@issasimone: I've never laughed so hard at a commercial as I did at the new #Raw commercial.
‏@MGnops: OK, I saw the #Raw commercial for three hours. That was pretty damn funny. "I don't want to go to Kuwait!" - @CMPunk
‏@MarkinOut: ZACK RYDER FOR GM! #WWE #Raw #SmackDown #ZackDown!

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