The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for June 26, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for June 26, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for June 26, 2012

The weather's getting warmer, the Divas are getting testy, Sycho Sid is roaming the backstage area and John Cena is quoting "Star Wars"? Yep. It must be summertime. And Raw SuperShow was appropriately wild, as the WWE Universe got a breakup, a beatdown, a mad scramble for a piece of paper, and even a blockbuster announcement concerning the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. And yes, there was Cena referring to The Chairman as "Yoda McMahon." But we'll get to that in a minute. Here are your tweets for The Day After Raw.

AJ all day everyday

A thousand crushes burst spontaneously into existence on Monday night, as AJ ran a gamut of emotions ranging from creepy (a conversation with herself), to giddy (skipping around the ring during the CM Punk-Kane-Daniel Bryan Triple Threat Elimination Match), to downright triumphant (winning the Divas Summertime Beach Battle Royal, where she put her own spin on the "YES!" chant). Really, the worst thing that happened to her all night was getting dumped by Kane, which we're relatively certain is something of a first. And judging by your tweets, there are plenty of folks in the WWE Universe who'd gladly take The Big Red Monster's place in the love quadrangle.

AJ explains her feelings for CM Punk, Kane and Daniel Bryan: Raw, June 25, 2012

AJ confesses her true feelings for CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane.

‏@JL_Reports: I think we can all agree #RAW Starring AJ is a success #fb
‏@SoulfulFX: @WWE Ahhhh AJ, I think I'm in love #Raw
‏@CMPuLs3: I would have died if AJ did Kane's hand motion & the fire went off after she won. #Raw
‏@Stall_19: AJ was only taking to the mirror, I thought it would be puppets or something crazy like that. That is quite normal of her. #wwe #raw
‏@lilq824: Kane saying he finds AJ "mentally unstable" #WWE #RAW
‏@bolobolozenden: Kane dumped AJ? I never knew they were dating. #Raw
@ktp414: #raw aj won battle royal now thats a big YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!
‏@joejmcfall: AJ's "Yes!" sounds like that noise Chun-li makes when she kicks #RAW
‏@JagerBierds: AJ legitimately frightens me. #RAW
‏@_Krystina_Marie: @WWE Aj is the new psycho Sid #Raw

Still Sycho after all these years

The audacity of Heath Slater continued on Raw SuperShow, as Slater strolled to the ring to try his hand against yet another returning Raw legend. Unluckily for Slater, though, fate dealt him a one-on-one match against Sycho Sid, much to the delight of the WWE Universe, several sportswriters and occasional DAR contributor Curt Hawkins. The Universe was not disappointed, either, as The Man Who Rules the World was not gentle with his rockabilly opponent in the slightest. Sid pounded The One-Man Band into submission, eventually scoring a pin with an earth-shattering powerbomb and sending Slater back to the showers. Don't worry, Heath. There's always next week.

Sycho Sid vs. Heath Slater: Raw, June 25, 2012

Sid returns to Raw for the first time in 15 years.

@BRJericho7: Sycho Sid is the real life Freddy Kruger, the man was created to give y'all nightmares @WWE #Raw
‏@RoFloESPN: Sycho Sid looks like he has seen some things. Some bad things. #RAW
‏@TheCurtHawkins: Sycho Sid scared me as a child & apparently still does as a grown man. #Raw
‏@PatMcAfeeShow: SYCHO SID.. Still rocking the curly mullet #Raw
‏@WWE_comedy: Break a leg Sycho Sid I mean good luck #RAW
‏@hwilliams30: Sid may be "Sycho" but it is the sanity of @HeathSlaterOMRB that is in question these days on @WWE #Raw
‏@Ch6fareed_APML: Sycho Sid is Here! LEGEND!!! He is back!!! #WWE #Raw
‏@GusRamsey: Sycho Sid in the house! #raw
‏@TwistMcHolla: Mon like Sycho Sid was just on #RAW lol my night's complete #RulerOfTheWorld
‏@Smoore0382: Sycho Sid is the TOP TREND IN THE WORLD!!! Thanks to @WWE #Raw

Collect your tweets about Cena, we did

Say what you will about John Cena: the man commits. A "historic" announcement from the Cenation leader - it turned out to be he was announcing his inclusion in the WWE Title Money in the Bank Ladder Match ( PREVIEW) - quickly turned into an epic story of John Laurinaitis' reign as GM, told in the style of the classic "Star Wars" trilogy. We can't really say anything to do it justice (know this, though: In Cena's retelling, Mr. McMahon is Yoda), suffice it to say that the WWE Universe kind of loved it. Well, there was one tweeter who wasn't nuts about it, but he segued into a pretty solid takedown of the prequel trilogy, so we felt it merited inclusion. 

Citing "Star Wars," John Cena recalls the fate of John Laurinaitis: Raw, June 25, 2012

John Cena tells a tale of the evil emperor John Laurinaitis.

‏@MercedesLudill: Loved John Cena's Yoda voice #wwe #raw #yoda
‏@radiojs: @JohnCena Star Wars bit was the hardest I've laughed in months. Yoda had me rolling around on my bed. THANKS for being silly sometimes. #RAW
‏@GutierrezPunk: @JohnCena weaving an incredible Wrestling themed Star Wars story was EPIC! You da man #RAW
‏@I_Am_Hollywood: I'm not sure what was worse: Cena's version of Star Wars or the Star Wars prequels. #Raw @WWE
@dizny1: ...okay, so I am DYING over @JohnCena 's Star Wars analogy... #WWE #Raw #Raw1000
‏@sailornatasha: Cena just lost all the women. Can't speak Star Wars to us #RAW
‏@MisterRJ45: Someone needs to make an animated gif of Jericho reacting 2 Cena's Star Wars promo. #raw @wwe
‏@vanwinnie316: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. My goodness. That was hilarious. I loved all the Star Wars references. @WWE #Raw hahahahahahahahahahaha
@AxelCutlass: I hate Star Wars and I actually thought that was kind of funny. #RAW
‏@Choppastyle311: Best. Star Wars. Version. Ever! #RAW #WooWooWookie @JohnCena

The Best of the Rest

Elsewhere on Raw, the WWE Universe was going bonkers over a potential Jeri-Show reunion, celebrating the official CM Punk-Daniel Bryan WWE Title Match announcement for Money in the Bank ( PREVIEW), and putting all their heart and soul into shipping a Vickie Guerrero-Ricardo Rodriguez (Vickardo?) hook-up. Also, wow: You guys really do love Dolph Ziggler. Here are the best of the rest of your tweets. 'Till next week!

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio - No. 1 Contender's Contract-on-a-Pole Match: Raw, June 25, 2012

Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio compete for a title opportunity against Sheamus.

@WWETalk24: #Raw was definitely Jericho tonight!
‏@aj0314: Big Show just cost Chris Jericho the match by hitting John Cena. Still mad over JeriShow, huh? #WWE #RAW
‏@RamanSidhu68: "Let's go Ziggler!" chants are breaking out in the @WWEUniverse. I'm loving this! #Raw
‏@yasminewaleed: Wait Maxine on Raw! *Crying*! Yay! #WWE #Raw
@SarcasticSmark: Oh, Heath Slater is interrupting all these alumni? He must be the new Legend Killer. #Raw
‏@SidBridgeComedy: When are we getting the Heath Slater This is Your Life? #raw
‏@ACrimsonMask: Ricardo is totally the comeback guy for Vickie. Edge and Dolph treated her bad! fine, I'm shipping them. #wwe #raw
‏@DanielonDeck: Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank! #YES #YES #YES #Raw
‏@RawrIsLuv: ZACK RYDER APPEARED ON #RAW. Not... exactly in a match... but baby steps right? #WWWYKI

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