Raw Five-Point Preview for June 11, 2012

Raw Five-Point Preview for June 11, 2012

The Boss is back, and he’s got business to handle. With Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Raw and SmackDown General Manager John Laurinaitis up for a formal job evaluation, “Big Johnny” might be on the chopping block should Mr. McMahon judge the GM’s job performance and find him lacking competence. He picked quite the week to evaluate Laurinaitis, too: with WWE Champion CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane circling each other (and AJ lurking in the shadows…literally ( WATCH)) and John Cena and Big Show in the same arena together, Laurinaitis will have plenty to juggle if he wants to keep his position. With various powder kegs set to blow, here are five potential developments to watch for on this week’s three-hour Raw SuperShow.

Is "Big Johnny" finally done for?

John Laurinaitis learns Mr. McMahon is coming to Raw to evaluate his job performance: Raw, June 4, 2012

David Otunga informs John Laurinaitis that he will be given a job performance evaluation by Vince McMahon on Raw next Monday.

Mr. Excitement barely survived his last job evaluation, conducted by WWE COO Triple H back in January, and that was only due to The Undertaker’s fortuitously-timed reappearance after a nine-month absence from the ring ( PHOTOS). John Laurinaitis will likely have nowhere to run with Mr. McMahon breathing down his neck. And since a good number of WWE Superstars in the locker room (including both World Champions) have beef with Big Johnny at the moment, there’s a strong chance The Chairman will let fly with those two magic words: “YOU’RE FIRED!!!”

The love triangle from hell

CM Punk vs. Kane: Raw, June 4, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk goes one-on-one with Kane on Raw while Daniel Bryan and AJ watch from ringside.

Who’s playing who? Who, exactly, is AJ smitten with, if anybody? Is she in love with any of the three competitors in the Triple Threat WWE Title Match at No Way Out ( PREVIEW) or just trying to back a winning horse? The WWE Universe thought this was a personal matter between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane, but AJ’s involvement – spurned by Bryan, possibly infatuated with Punk and now lurking behind Kane in the backstage area – has given this contest a “Fatal Attraction”-vibe that has the WWE Universe on edge. What will happen on the final Raw when all potential champions (and suitors) are in the ring at the same time before No Way Out?

Will Cena stop the Show?

Big Show declares he is a giant, not an entertainer: Raw June 4, 2012

Big Show makes it clear that he is not an entertainer, he is a giant.

John Cena and Big Show haven’t been in the same arena since Show decked Cena with a WMD three weeks ago. With their Steel Cage Match looming large at No Way Out, can these rivals restrain themselves when they’re finally within striking distance of each other? More importantly, do they even want to restrain themselves?

Beware of Tensai

John Cena vs. Tensai: Raw, June 4, 2012

If John Cena can defeat Tensai, he will have the opportunity to face Michael Cole one-on-one.

The dominant Tensai suffered his first defeat last week against John Cena, but his interference during the Cena-Michael Cole match that followed shows the expatriate Superstar has no intention of letting the loss slow him down. Tensai has been a favorite of John Laurinaitis’, and “Big Johnny” will likely want Mr. McMahon to see his handpicked enforcer in action this week. The only question remains, who will he face?

Showoff's solo effort looking to rebound

Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler: SmackDown, June 8, 2012

Intercontinental Champion Christian goes one-on-one with The Showoff while Cody Rhodes talks on commentary.

Dolph Ziggler’s efforts to distinguish himself beyond Jack Swagger’s tag team partner have not quite gone as planned. Since voicing his opinion that he’s “better” as a singles competitor than the tag team, The Showoff has suffered consecutive losses to Sheamus, plus a third defeat at Christian’s hands. Dolph isn’t one to take defeat lying down, though; does Ziggler have another plan up his sleeve as the road to No Way Out winds down?

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