Will Mr. McMahon 'future endeavor' General Manager John Laurinaitis on Raw?

Will Mr. McMahon 'future endeavor' General Manager John Laurinaitis on Raw?

John Laurinaitis learns Mr. McMahon is coming to Raw to evaluate his job performance: Raw, June 4, 2012

David Otunga informs John Laurinaitis that he will be given a job performance evaluation by Vince McMahon on Raw next Monday.

Big Johnny isn't out of the woods just yet.

Right when it seemed John Laurinaitis had dodged all obstacles as General Manager of Raw and SmackDown, a new potential cause for concern has emerged from the top of the corporate food chain.

As first revealed on WWE's Breaking News mobile alert service, Laurinaitis will receive a job evaluation from WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon on next Monday's three-hour Raw SuperShow, which begins at a special start time of 8/7 CT. ( WATCH)

The news is still fresh, but the suspense is already building as the WWE Universe anticipates what Mr. McMahon will say to Laurinaitis about his performance as General Manager. Will Laurinaitis pass his evaluation with flying colors? Or does Mr. McMahon have some harsh words or major discipline planned for Big Johnny?

It'll be eight months since Mr. McMahon last appeared on Raw, so the Chairman's presence alone will make next week's Raw SuperShow a can't-miss program. It was on the Oct. 10, 2011 edition that Mr. McMahon first named Laurinaitis the Interim General Manager of Raw and relieved WWE COO Triple H of his duties running the show, following a vote of no confidence by a majority of the WWE roster ( WATCH).

In the period since he first took over Raw, Laurinaitis' power – and list of detractors – in WWE has grown by leaps and bounds. The Executive Vice President of Talent Relations has taken over control of SmackDown as well, and relegated previous SmackDown GM Theodore Long to menial tasks to stay on the payroll. But what has really brought Laurinaitis' decision-making into question is how he's used his power to keep WWE's biggest Superstars in line, including John Cena and WWE Champion CM Punk. Additionally, letting Brock Lesnar and Big Show wreak havoc in WWE without consequences has resulted in more criticism for the GM.

However, if anyone can relate to Laurinaitis' audacious tactics, it's definitely the Chairman. Anything that the purveyor of "People Power" has tried, Mr. McMahon has been there and done that during his tempestuous reign. In fact, Mr. McMahon was the one who lost his control over the day-to-day operations of WWE on July 18, 2011, following what the Board of Directors deemed "extremely questionable" decisions, most notably his attempt to cheat Punk out of keeping the WWE Title at Money in the Bank ( WATCH). It's entirely possible that Laurinaitis will get a nod of approval and a hearty pat on the back for his triumphant conquest.

The last time Laurinaitis faced a performance evaluation in January, it looked like Triple H was going to "future endeavor" the GM before Undertaker interrupted the WWE COO's assessment. Then, "Mr. Excitement" survived another close call in February when he convinced the Board of Directors to spare his position as Raw GM.

Will things be any different this time around for Laurinaitis? Could Mr. McMahon be angling to preside over Raw once again? Tune in to Raw SuperShow next Monday at 8/7 CT to find out!

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