The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for June 5, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for June 5, 2012

Oh, the humanity. The degradation. The sheer spectacle of it all, as Michael Cole was given a public dressing down - literally - by John Cena just hours after he attempted to railroad the Cenation leader in a one-on-one interview at the start of Raw SuperShow. Elsewhere, AJ may have found herself a new Superstar to idolize, Mr. McMahon's impending return has the WWE Universe buzzing, and Ryback's latest conquests won themselves a whole legion of fans despite being unceremoniously devoured by the unstoppable Superstar. And needless to say, the WWE Universe was on hand with reactions for every minute of it ( PHOTOS: FAN SIGNS OF THE WEEK). Here are your tweets for The Day After Raw.


You know, we're pretty sure Michael Cole has had worse Raws than last night's ... but for the life of us, we can't really remember when. The "Voice of WWE" suffered his greatest humiliation in a long, long time, thanks to an arrangement where John Cena was allowed to select his own opponent Monday night. ("People Power"!) Yet before that fateful moment when Cole was showered in J.R.'s finest BBQ sauce, something unexpected happened: The WWE Universe rallied around the announcer, and lo and behold, #SaveMichaelCole was born. We're as surprised as you are.

John Cena vs. Michael Cole: Raw, June 4, 2012

John Cena gets his hands on Michael Cole in the main event of Raw.

@Nightmare865: @WWE Michael Cole is a broadcast journalist, not a wrestler. #ColeMinersUnite #SaveMichaelCole
‏@maz79depp: #SaveMichaelCole let Jerry Lawler fight Cena instead
@FeR_M_H: @WWE #SaveMichaelCole and put a divas match :)
@PrestonDang: @WWEgames do not #SaveMichaelCole he is a butt
‏@WWEGuidette: Lets not #SaveMichaelCole and say we did... YES! YES! YES!
‏@MegaDaffy: @WWE DO NOT #SaveMichaelCole ! Throw him in the ring with Cena and give us what we've wanted for a long time!
‏@JayTheBrainMann: @JerryLawler #StanStansky would do better in a match than @MichaelCole. #SaveMichaelCole
@ColbyFaria12: @WWERawGM SAVE COLE! DON'T MAKE HIM FIGHT CENA!#SaveMichaelCole #ColeWorld #Raw
‏@stevenECW: We need to #SaveMichaelCole! He doesn't deserve it!
‏@rossedge123: There is a conspiracy against Michael Cole #SaveMichaelCole

The Big Red (Lovin'?) Machine

After various Daniel Bryan-related shenanigans cost CM Punk a brutal match against Kane, AJ seemed utterly lost as she kneeled at the side of her kinda-sorta paramour, forgetting that The Big Red Monster was still in the ring, prowling among the carnage. And then a really, really strange thing happened: AJ noticed Kane and gave him the look. You all know what we mean. And what's more, Kane seemed to be intrigued by it. Does The Devil's Favorite Demon have himself a new, not-so-secret admirer? Does AJ dig crazy guys? Only time will tell.

CM Punk vs. Kane: Raw, June 4, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk goes one-on-one with Kane on Raw while Daniel Bryan and AJ watch from ringside.

@HaveeMVP: Even Kane looked at AJ tonight and was like "...that chick cray." haha! #Raw
‏@NdotSherman: AJ smiled at Kane and he was like, let me get away from this crazy person#Raw
‏@OllieGinHD: Kane just rejected AJ lol #Raw
‏@barngrl: I think AJ gets with Kane cause they both #Crazy #Raw
‏@jordannstweet: UPDATE: NEXT WEEK: AJ Will wear a CM Punk top, Kane Mask, Chanting YES! YES! also wearing Josh Matthews tie! #Raw#WWE
‏@DivaAlexxandra: AJ is getting her true Diva certification by getting involved with Kane. She follows in the line of many others. #KaneDivaMagnet #Raw
‏@bhsqueen03: Everyone is so confused with the Daniel Bryan/CM Punk/AJ/Kane segment. Was AJ saying "How you doin'?" to Kane? Hmmmm. #Raw
‏@SaneAmongInsane: Kane is all "Chokeslam?" and AJ is all "Smile?" and then Kane gets all creeped out and goes away. #RAW
‏@gregmparks: If AJ is crazy, she should be right up Kane's alley. She can even become WWE's version of Katniss Everdeen, their fire girl. #Raw
‏@IRealMelinquent: AJ's smile make Kane walk away? o-o #WEIRD #RAW

Vote for Stansky & Rosenberg

Ryback has destroyed plenty of Superstars and would-be Superstars since his debut two months ago, but it's safe to say that only Stan Stansky & Arthur Rosenberg garnered this kind of following in a single night. Despite being utterly dismantled at the hands of Ryback — two is NOT greater than one, in this case — the WWE Universe had nothing but love for the upstart challengers, who made the most of their Raw appearance with a synchronized speech that got them much respect from the Twittersphere. Ryback, meanwhile, was not amused ... but it's still a pretty good silver lining, nonetheless.

Ryback vs. two local competitors: Raw, June 4, 2012

Ryback bring his dominance to Raw against two local competitors.

@andyjsimmonds: Who would have thought we'd see the wrestling god Stan Stansky on Raw! #Raw
‏@TheMorgster: Give Arthur Rosenberg and Stan Stansky the Tag Team Championships. #raw
‏@Sorgatron: I mark for Stan Stansky #raw
‏@thezub: Do Stansky and Rosenberg have Twitter accounts? @WWE @WWEUniverse #WWE #Raw
‏@hlsportscards: @realMickFoley Stansky & Rosenberg sounds like a law firm. Maybe they can hire Otunga. #Raw
‏@3ManBooth: Stansky and Rosenberg: For All Your Entertainment Needs. #RAW
@The_Underfaker: Arthur Rosenberg & Stan Stansky is the next Legion Of Doom / Road Warriors. #RatingsGold #WWE #RAW
‏@BreakingNewsWWE: Rosenberg and Stansky to the ER Stat!!#Raw
‏@nacgator: Arthur Rosenberg vs Stan Stansky = WrestleMania main event #Raw
‏@jgarza56: I'd like to party with Stansky and Rosenberg #raw

The Best of the Rest

Sin Cara dazzled in his Raw return against Hunico, the reigning Broskis of the Week stood up for their boy, the self-styled "Kings of Change" had a well-received Monday night moment, and the WWE Universe is abuzz about the return of Mr. McMahon, who will evaluate John Laurinaitis' job performance on next week's three-hour Raw SuperShow (8/7 CT on USA). And, of course, there's more about Michael Cole - because it's tough to say enough about what happened to him last night ...

Mr. McMahon returns to evaluate John Laurinaitis' job Monday at 8/7 CT

Mr. McMahon returns to Raw next Monday to evaluate John Laurinaitis' job performance.

‏@MarkinOut: Oh, the nights I long for just to hear "WOO WOO WOO...You know it! Ohhhh radioooo tell me everything you know!" #WWE #Raw
‏@BellaDominique: Michael cole in his underwear w sauce all over him equals laughs for this rest of the night #raw @WWE
@MrMad509: It looks like Michael Cole is starting to get that Mr. Fantastic hair but minus the skill and the knowledge. @WWE #RAW
‏@JoeyStyles: Does The Voice of WWE, @MichaelCole now have Mr. McMahon's pre-WrestleMania 23 haircut? #RAW
@ErnmanSellsOut: Sheamus/Ziggler is like Punk/Bryan. Put 'em in a singles match together, and you're gonna get a classic. #Raw
@dakbj: Mr.Mcmahon nxt wk?! All I can say 2 dat is #YOOOUUURRRFFFIIIRRREEEDDD ! #RAW
@SidBridgeComedy: Sheamus shouldn't hit himself like that. He chaffs easily. #raw #Wrestlezone
‏@Y2JackBringIt: We want Reks and Hawkins! Future tag team champions! #PeoplePower #RAW
‏@Skannon: GAHHHH SIN CARA! I missed you so. :) #WWE#RAW
@croftygurl23: come on reks and hawkins you got this #rekkingcrew #kingsofchange #Hawkins #raw

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