Raw Five-Point Preview: Big Show caught in a rage

Raw Five-Point Preview: Big Show caught in a rage

How many knockout punches can one man stand? Heading into Raw SuperShow, the biggest question mark surrounds John Cena and whether he'll bounce back from Big Show's mighty blows on two consecutive nights. But the WWE Universe should be keeping a close eye on some other big Superstars tonight, including World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. Check out the five hottest topics for the Memorial Day edition of Raw.

1. How wide will Big Show's path of destruction get?
The last we saw of John Cena, he was laid out cold backstage following a stunning WMD from Big Show. The Cenation leader has taken some major punishment over the last couple of months, especially during his epic showdowns with The Rock and Brock Lesnar, but his match against Big Show at No Way Out could very well be his toughest battle of the year. Will Cena be able to fully recuperate and get payback on Big Show tonight? 

The World's Largest (and angriest?) Athlete hasn't minced words about his new state of mind. He feels betrayed by the WWE Universe and other Superstars, believing that no one was there for him when he was fired. And with General Manager John Laurinaitis by his side, this might be the most frightening incarnation of Big Show that we have ever seen.

2. Will Kane unleash his wrath on Daniel Bryan?

Raw Five-Point Preview: Big Show caught in a rage

Does Daniel Bryan really know what he's getting into? The submission specialist blindsided Kane on SmackDown with a vicious steel chair assault, just days after The Big Red Monster relentlessly attacked Bryan during their match on Raw. It's clear Bryan still has his sights set on CM Punk's WWE Championship, but now he's created one scary obstacle by inciting The Devil's Favorite Demon.

Dating back to the May 18 edition of SmackDown, Bryan and Punk have taken turns tricking Kane and using his fury as a weapon in their rivalry. The dangerous game of tit for tat could result in full-blown terror for Bryan – and possibly Punk as well – if Kane decides to release the full force of his power.

3. Could Sheamus face repercussions for crossing John Laurinaitis?

Sheamus refuses to apologize to John Laurinaitis for shoving him on Raw: SmackDown, May 25, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus will not apologize to John Laurinaitis.

On SmackDown, Sheamus had a chance to apologize for accidentally bumping into General Manager John Laurinaitis last Monday. Instead, he chose to apologize for him, going so far as to call Laurinaitis a "horse's arse." Sheamus already got on the General Manager's bad side when he rushed to help Cena on Raw SuperShow, and now he's flat-out insulted him.

What possible discipline does Laurinaitis have planned for the World Heavyweight Champion? A hefty fine like the $500,000 one he received for Brogue Kicking referee Chad Patton? Perhaps a shocking suspension? Anything is in the realm of possibility when Big Johnny wants to put a resistant Superstar in line.

4. What is Randy Orton’s next move?

Raw Five-Point Preview: Big Show caught in a rage

Randy Orton had a golden opportunity on SmackDown to earn a bout against Sheamus at No Way Out, but The Viper came up short as Alberto Del Rio triumphed in the No. 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match. After that narrow defeat, how does Orton rebound and deliver a powerful statement?

The Apex Predator always finds a way to make his presence felt, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see him take his frustration out on one of his opponents from that match – or any other Superstar in the WWE locker room for that matter.

5. Is CM Punk falling for Daniel Bryan’s ex-girlfriend AJ?

CM Punk comforts a crying AJ: Raw, May 21, 2012

CM Punk tells AJ he sort of digs unstable chicks.

Punk comforted a crying AJ on last week's Raw and admitted that he "sort of digs" unstable women. Could the WWE Champion be playing mind games with Bryan by embracing his emotionally wounded ex-girlfriend, or does he really have feelings for her? And if the latter is the case, is The Straight Edge Superstar asking for more trouble by getting involved with a Diva who is obviously not ready for another relationship?

By the way, in a WWE.com poll we ran last week, 63 percent of WWE Universe members admitted they were attracted to unstable women like AJ.

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