The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for May 29, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for May 29, 2012

Raw SuperShow descended into madness Monday night when an irate Big Show ran rampant through an array of WWE Superstars who the giant felt had personally disrespected him ( PHOTOS: BRODUS CLAY VS. BIG SHOW). But before Show's rampage closed out the show on Monday, there were plenty of fun surprises to be had for the WWE Universe, who got not one, but two covers for "WWE '13" (well, only one true cover), a hint of dissention in Vickie Guerrero's stable and, of course, the CM Punk-Daniel Bryan rematch the WWE Universe had been clamoring for. The implications of Monday's events spread far and wide, so without further ado, here are your tweets for a particularly impactful Day After Raw.

It's the Big, Bad Show tonight

Funkateers can take slight solace in the fact that Big Show technically didn't beat Brodus Clay in their highly anticipated grudge match on Raw SuperShow. But it's small comfort considering the destruction The World's Largest Athlete rained down on a WWE locker room who he felt was sorely in need of a message from the angry giant. Everyone from Alex Riley to WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth & Kofi Kingston found themselves targeted by the big man, but it was Clay who found himself No. 1 on the hit list.

Brodus Clay vs. Big Show: Raw, May 28, 2012

Big Show unleashes his brutal side on Brodus Clay and WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth.

@spz34: Big Show is the comet that wiped out the Funkasaurus @wwe #RAW 
‏@NataY2J: Hey Big Show, what's your problem ??? You're a COWARD now !! #Raw
‏@NSPunk37: Show hates kids. And dancing. #raw
‏@WWEBrendenBremo: Alex Riley...have you been introduced to the wall? Compliments of the Big Show. @WWE #Raw
‏@SickOfKasi: @WWE #RAW Big Show i am ashamed of you. You hurt my favorite tag team, Brodus and you shook that snivelling rats hand.
‏@TheEvilStan: You know, what Big Show did just now is a reason I don't envy being a WWE wrestler right now. #WWE #Raw
@KyleSBaxter: #WWE #Raw OMG! Big Show just took down the table with his own foot.
‏@Stevendoyle18: Well I have just watched @WWE #RAW and I can't believe what big show has just done and I can't wait for john cena to come back next week.
@THETarHeel4Life: @WWE Big Show is a one man wrecking crew! Destruction Everywhere! #Raw
‏@MarkinOut: Big Show is morphing into Captain Insano! #WWE #RAW #Waterboy

Lucky No. 13

Whew! For a second there, the WWE Universe thought Big Johnny really had finagled his way onto the cover of "WWE '13" (although, as you'll see, the idea appealed to more than a few of you), and the collective sigh of relief when CM Punk revealed himself as the poster boy for the newest WWE game was palpable all the way from New Orleans to Stamford, Conn., itself. And, needless to add, the WWE Champion brought the same brand of style to the momentous announcement as he does to ... well, everything else, really. Congrats, Punk.

Official cover revealed for new "WWE '13" video game: Raw, May 28, 2012

CM Punk reveals who is on the cover of "WWE '13."

‏@TheTrampRO: Go back 5 years. Would you ever have guessed? #Raw #WWE13 Congrats, @CMPunk
@magicmikey21: WWE Attitude #raw
@jasonbarglen: Just noticed the "#WWE Attitude" sticker on the #WWE13 cover. Marked. #RAW
@Grabeelfan: The only person who will buy Johnny wwe 13 game is Michael Cole #raw @wwe
@AnthonyMontalvo: I'd buy WWE '13 with Johnny Ace on the cover #raw
‏@zackrydergirl50: I want WWE 13 and I want that poster. #Raw
‏@RobertAitkenBR: The WWE logo and the word Attitude alongside of it? My eyes hurt. #RAW
‏@buenacerveza: WOW the cover for @WWE 13 is siiiiiick, Best in the World indeed! #Raw

The Best(s) in the World

Ask, and you shall receive: The WWE Universe was pretty unanimous in their excitement over a CM Punk-Daniel Bryan rematch on Raw SuperShow. The two mat technicians - extending their rivalry from WWE Over the Limit - clashed in yet another tightly-matched clinic pitting expert against expert. And unlike many of their past encounters, a clear winner was crowned when Bryan stole a win from Punk ... although it's safe to say that an interfering Kane didn't share the enthusiasm of the tweeting masses, as The Devil's Favorite Demon took a steel chair to D-Bry's midsection before the first "YES!" was out of his mouth.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan: Raw, May 28, 2012

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk compete in a rematch from WWE Over the Limit.

@TheRavingRich: Punk vs Bryan AGAIN on @WWE #Raw tonight? Epic win!!!!!!!!!! #thisiswrestling
@Dejay11chris: Wow, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have had 5 one on one matches this year, and all five have been classics. #Raw
‏@theisb: I love how CM Punk and Daniel Bryan both look like they have playoff beards. #Raw
‏@SupportCMPunk: @CMPunk and Daniel Bryan were the best part of #RAW tonight. No surprise. :)
@Stlmatic: I can watch cm punk vs Daniel Bryan everyday. Never gets old. #wwe #raw
‏@MissPunkin24: #YES #YES #YES Daniel Bryan is a winner. D-Bry. Holla. #YES.
@Blue_Tail_Fox: And Daniel Bryan defeats CM Punk. Let the YESing commence. #WWE #Raw
@Hatter518: Daniel Bryan and @cmpunk could literally have match of the year every week! @WWE #RAW
‏@jdondlinger: I do not believe I could ever get tired of watching CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan matches. #Raw #WWE
‏@bsoasrs: Its always a classic match between CM punk Vs Daniel Bryan! A battle that will continue to unfold #Raw @WWE

The best of the rest

Eve-Riley 'shippers? Did Zack Ryder win his highly-hashtagged bout with the catering department? Does Randy Orton really have beef with The Miz, or does he just like RKO'ing people? And what are these "We Want Regal" signs that are starting to pop up? Here's what you had to say about the rest of a wild Raw SuperShow.

The Miz sounds off, then gets an RKO from Randy Orton: Raw, May 28, 2012

After losing to Christian, The Miz demands answers.

‏@saints_74: @ZackRyder not on #raw again... #Areyouseriousbro? #ZackRyderVsCatering #wwe
@Teh_Ivol: I want Swagger's haircut. There, i said it #RAW
@stylesclash10: Yes, I agree with your sign, man in the crowd. #WeWantRegal #Raw
@RingsideXcess: We Want Regal sign on cam. #YES #YES #YES #WeWantRegal #RAW
@timdogg98: I can't hate on that sweater David Otunga's rocking #WWE #RAW
@JoeyStyles: Will RandyOrton hitting the RKO on The Miz be an special feature on WWE Studios' Marine 3: Homefront? #RAW
@TheSummerLillie: Haha Kane heard Daniel Bryan go #Yes #Yes #Yes and he was like #No #No #No XD #Raw
@krystynaCENA: @AlexRileyWWE and @EveMarieTorres would be a really cute couple if she wasn't so damn ruthless. #Raw

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