Is General Manager John Laurinaitis unstoppable?

Is General Manager John Laurinaitis unstoppable?

Jeer him all you want. Try to overthrow him from power. John Laurinaitis keeps finding a way to endure – and thrive – as General Manager of Raw and SmackDown.

Heading into Laurinaitis' match against John Cena at WWE Over the Limit, the WWE Universe didn't give the GM a puncher's chance of defeating Cena and avoiding termination. But if we've learned anything from Laurinaitis' tenure in WWE, it's this: Big Johnny makes his own odds.

By firing and then enlisting the help of Big Show to pull off a monumental upset over Cena, the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations showed just how resourceful and determined he can be when the cards are stacked against him. And by fighting through tremendous pain in his match, Laurinaitis also proved what lengths he's willing to go to remain in charge.

Laurinaitis has now thwarted opposition from Cena, WWE Champion CM Punk and WWE COO Triple H, among others, during the seven months since he was first appointed as the Interim General Manager of Raw on Oct. 10, 2011. He's survived two extremely close calls in that span, including a tumultuous period in February when he had to plead to the WWE Board of Directors to keep his job as Raw GM. 

As much as members of the WWE Universe may loathe this question, it needs to be asked: Can anyone stop John Laurinaitis? Is it even worth the trouble of attempting to derail “People Power” anymore?

Sure, there are other Superstars in the WWE locker room who wish they could oust Laurinaitis from his executive throne. But every single one of them knows the price they must pay for taking a stand against the vindictive boss. Sheamus became the latest casualty caught in the battle lines when he rushed to the Cenation leader's aid on Monday night's Raw SuperShow. Wasting no time in choosing a punishment for The Great White, Laurinaitis forced him into Raw's first-ever 2-on-3 Handicap Tag Team Lumberjack Match.

Another obstacle that any detractor faces is the faithful legion of supporters who continue to endorse Laurinaitis' leadership, regardless of how controversial his methods may be. Whether it be power-hungry advisors like Eve and David Otunga, or those simply looking to hold on to their WWE roster spots like The World's Largest Athlete, the General Manager has some formidable followers watching his back.

At this point, it seems that only the Board of Directors might have the supremacy to take Laurinaitis off his path of dominance. Anyone else could just be asking for a world of hurt – Big Johnny's world.

What do you think, WWE Universe? Is there any possible way to strip John Laurinaitis of his role as GM of both Raw and SmackDown? Sound off on Facebook or by using the hashtag #HowToStopJohnny on Twitter.

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