The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for May 22, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for May 22, 2012

Chaos enveloped Raw SuperShow when the first ever 2-on-3 Handicap Lumberjack Match in Raw history deteriorated into a Pier Six brawl that emptied the locker room, pitting various Superstars against John Laurinaitis' "People Power"-pushing cronies. Speaking of which, Big Johnny's still rolling along - literally, in a scooter - as Raw and SmackDown GM, and Big Show's change of heart left a sour taste in the WWE Universe's mouth. It was a wild Raw SuperShow for sure, and here's what you, the WWE Universe, had to say about it.

Oh. Also, CM Punk apparently digs crazy chicks, but we'll get to that in a bit ...

Brawl for one, brawl for all

Slobbers were knocked en masse when the John Laurinaitis-mandated main event of Raw SuperShow - a 2-on-3 Handicap Lumberjack Match between John Cena & Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Tensai - turned into a bench-clearing fight that saw CM Punk lead a brigade of intrepid Superstars against Big Johnny's lackeys. Suffice it to say, the WWE Universe - and one WWE Superstar - was all a-Twitter (see what we did there?) over the knockdown chaos of the confrontation, not to mention salivating over one potential match-up in particular ...

John Cena & Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Tensai - Handicap Lumberjack Match: Raw, May 21, 2012

The odds are stacked against John Cena & Sheamus in this Handicap Lumberjack Match.

@ezekielwwe: #Raw#peoplepower was getting out of control. So we had to lend a helping fist, forearm, boot....
@teese35: I love the chaos going on in the ring right now#Raw#Lumberjack Match #Cena
‏@Skilletfan963: #Raw was very awesome tonight! Good ending with the brawl in the ring and excited about July 23! #3HourRaw
@GoldRogerHD: Good old brawl to end #RAW, I love when chaos consumes the whole roster. Also, that Cena K.O. Punch was hilarious. Props Big Show.
@IAmWWEman: A Pier Six Brawl #MadeAJCry #RAW
@wornporther: Was cool too see a handicap lumberjack match as the main event bam what a knockout punch from show #RAW
@BrightEyes1280: @WWE WTH? I wanted to see what happened! Brodus Clay had Tensai! #RAW Now that's be a match I'd like to see! Enough with the Johnny crap!
@MistyC88: Seeing @TheDrewMcIntyre on #RAW even if just as a Lumberjack makes me very very happy
@GoldStandard000: Handicap Lumberjack match. Why didn't Teddy think of these? #RAW

Crazy love

AJ's still a little loopy following her breakup with Daniel Bryan, but it sounds like WWE Champion CM Punk is into the Geek Goddess' particular brand of wacky from their oddly tender backstage confrontation. Turns out there are quite a bit of Punk-AJ 'shippers out there in the WWE Universe, but there are plenty of others who just like to speculate on what, exactly, makes the diminutive Diva tear up, as #CrazyChicks and #MadeAJCry shot to the top of the hashtag heap within minutes of the meet-up.

We've got to hand it to you guys, you had a lot of fun with this one.

CM Punk comforts a crying AJ: Raw, May 21, 2012

CM Punk tells AJ he sort of digs unstable chicks.

‏@thegreatx: I like AJ's involvement in the title feud. She's got eyes for my boy Punk #Raw #BestInTheWorld
@FightDynamite: AJ's instantly wide-eyed stare in response to Punk telling her not to cry was actually really funny & one of the cuter things I've seen #Raw
‏@CeNation_BVB_: CM Punk & AJ how do you mash up their names ?._. #Raw
‏@anthdistler I, for one, adore #CrazyChicks. My life is filled with them. @WWEAJLee @WWE #RAW
‏@DanielBjork6317” @CMPunk shouldn't staying away from #crazychicks be part of the #StraightEdge lifestyle? #Raw
‏@mattsetsfire: CM Punk has the way with the ladies, lol #RAW #WWE
@WWE_Fever: AJ must have been cutting up some onions before speaking to CM Punk. #CrazyChicks @WWE #RAW
@RKO_Lover12: CM Punk's been reading the "How to stop a girl from crying" Handbook. @WWE #Raw
@DAsharpshooters: CM Punk: The Heartbreak Kid. #wwe #Raw
@FistoftheMFK: CM Punk and AJ are re-enacting half the dates I've been on. She's cuter though. #RAW

The Big Nasty

Anyone hoping for an apology, or even an explanation, from Big Show was out of luck this past Monday. The World's Largest Athlete was reinstated by John Laurinaitis and showed exactly zero remorse for his actions, spurning the WWE Universe for daring to judge him for reclaiming his job. Show's defection to People Power didn't go over so great with the millions watching at home, although even his detractors know how to appreciate a good KO punch when they see one (and yes, for the record, Big Show did #MakeAJCry).

Big Show explains why he helped John Laurinaitis: Raw, May 21, 2012

Big Show explains why he helped John Laurinaitis in the General Manager's match against John Cena at WWE Over the Limit.

@phillygirlmich: Wait a second shouldn't Big Show be fired again since he was resigned on Saturday and interfered in the match on Sunday? #Controversy #RAW (EDITOR’S NOTE: Good question. Let's ask Johnny himself.)
‏@AYAHBK: The Big Show clocked John Cena by surprise. Like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin getting hit with a wrench, except we saw who hit him. #WWE #RAW
‏@R0BJohnson: Big Show's fist - 2. John Cena - 0. #WWE #RAW
@MYO716: If Big Show was that close did John miss him? It's not like Show could hide behind a fern. #RAW
@cguth85: Can't believe Big Show just knocked out Cena #raw
‏@khailah101: @WWE #RAW big show nooo... :'( you were my babe and I cried for you... You are now this loser's puppet and a sell-out... I'm disappointed...
‏@XoStaciaLynnXo: Big Show needs an Attitude Adjustment!! Beyond Angry!!!! #Raw
@MrStraightEdge: @WWEgames big show is a ninja he snuck @JohnCena LMAO #Raw
‏@Y0UNG_forever: what a loud thud to @JohnCena s face from the big show! that surely #MadeAJCry #raw #wwe @WWE

The Best of the Rest

Question and answer time with Were there more tweets for Raw last night? YES. Do we have them right here? YES! From Chris Jericho's sneak attack to Santino's (hypocritical?) grooming tips for Ricardo Rodriguez, the WWE Universe was tweeting away for all of it, and we have the best of the rest right here. That's all for the Day After Raw, but be sure to send in more tweets next week! After all, no tweets to collect #MakesWWE.comCry.

Santino Marella introduces Alberto Del Rio: Raw, May 21, 2012

Santinos shows Ricardo Rodriguez how to announce Alberto Del Rio to the ring.

@PeteMMA: I dedicate my tweets tonight to Mr. Laurinaitis well. #raw
‏@GNWrestling: @JohnCena can't touch John Laurinaitis, but he could've at least stolen his crutch. #RAW
@Renncredible: No, @DavidOtunga... when you have @JohnCena down, you capitalize... you do NOT pose! #Raw
‏@MizfitKrista: There's Mr Best in the World, Chris Jericho :) #raw
‏@StillAFan3 There is no way Jericho has forgotten about that Punt from Orton a couple years ago #Raw
‏@MickieManiac: Santino, you shouldn't be talking about anyone's eyebrows. Remember when you had the uni-brow?! #WWE #Raw
‏@HEELcolgan: I love question and answer time with daniel bryan #YES #wwe #raw
@ChrisDarragh: Big Johnny versus neck brace Zack Ryder in a wheel chair jousting match #RAW
‏@KyleSBaxter: #WWE No Zack Ryder on #Raw tonight #MadeAJCry
@SolaceWinter: WOOOOOO!!!!! REKS AND HAWKINS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #RAW AND DREW!

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