Superstars react to Big Show's firing on Twitter

Superstars react to Big Show's firing on Twitter

The World's Largest Athlete met an ignominous end on Raw SuperShow, fired by EVP of Talent Relations and Raw and SmackDown GM John Laurinaitis while he wept on his knees, begging Big Johnny's forgiveness for the giant's jape about his voice the previous week. The brutal future-endeavoring, delivered with a smug smarminess even Mr. McMahon would have to envy, left the big man speechless and the WWE Universe stunned, unable even to muster up the traditional "Na Na Na" chant for a Superstar who's sent shuffling to the unemployment line. And while the WWE Universe itself still reels from the departure of their favorite giant ( REACTIONS: THE DAY AFTER RAW), the locker room took to Twitter to express its own reactions.

-R-Truth ( @RonKillings): "Still can't believe @WWETheBigShow got fired last night! Even after he apologized!" 

-Zack Ryder ( @ZackRyder): "It sucks that @WWETheBigShow got fired. But I wonder if my Superstars Series 9 action figure will be worth more money now."

-CM Punk ( @CMPunk): "Smackdown in Hershey PA tonight gets punked. (that's my lame/clever way of saying I'll be there). Big Show won't be, because he was fired"

-Dolph Ziggler ( @HEELZiggler): "big show was fired last night, guess that counts as passing the torch ... looks like i'll finally get some well deserved tv time"

-Dolph Ziggler ( @HEELZiggler): "if a fired captain insane-o cries in the woods & no one's there to see it, does anyone really give a damn? #LaterMarks"

-David Otunga ( @DavidOtunga): "Big Show got exactly what he deserved on @WWE #RAW last night. Hope he enjoys early retirement. Don't mess with Big Johnny! #OtungaLaw."

-John Laurinaitis ( @WWERawGM): "Tonight, @WWETheBigShow forced me to make an example out of him. Let that be a lesson to the entire locker room. #Raw"

-Ricardo Rodriguez ( @RRWWE): "I'm gonna miss you Big Show.. Just not your punches..."

-Tyson Kidd ( @KiddWWE): "So Big Show is really fired? One of my greatest memories in WWE involves him, winning the tag team titles. Hope the big man is ok"

-Natalya ( @NatByNature): "I'm gonna miss my favorite giant Big Show :( #injustice"

-Trent Barreta ( @trentylocks):"big show used to bully me. than i choked him out in a battle royal and became his son and protege. now i miss him"

-Ezekiel Jackson ( @ezekielwwe): "It's gonna be weird not having the big show at smackdown... Poured his heart out and still got fired. That's business or was it personal...."

-Justin Roberts ( @JustinRoberts): "STOKED 2 work 1st WWE evnt @ Horizon-Chicago 03-min b4 belltime-steel dressroom door broke. @WWETheBigShow kicked it n saved day #ThankUShow"

-Cameron ( @WWECameron): What does everyone think about being the big show being fired? Im going to miss that big teddy bear!!!

Keep checking back on for more Superstar Tweets as the day progresses.

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