Big Show fired by General Manager John Laurinaitis

Big Show fired by General Manager John Laurinaitis

John Laurinaitis fires Big Show: Raw, May 14, 2012

Despite apologizing to John Laurinaitis, Big Show gets fired.

For Raw and SmackDown General Manager John Laurinaitis, the emotional apology offered by Big Show simply wasn't enough to spare his job as a WWE Superstar.

In a shocking move, Laurinaitis fired The World's Largest Athlete on Raw SuperShow for making fun of him on repeated occasions, putting an end to an illustrious WWE career that included three World Championships.

With tears streaming down his face, Big Show passionately explained to Laurinaitis why performing in WWE means so much to him and expressed what he loves most about being a WWE Superstar. However, the General Manager wasn't satisfied and demanded that The World's Largest Athlete get on his knees and beg Laurinaitis to save his job. Reluctant at first to comply with the humiliating request, Big Show kneeled down as Laurinaitis was walking away and pleaded for the GM to show mercy, but the longtime WWE veteran was dealt a devastating pink slip anyway.

On last week's Raw, Big Show was caught by Eve, the Executive Administrator for Laurinaitis, when The World's Largest Athlete poked fun at the GM's voice with an impersonation backstage. Eve later demanded an apology from Big Show, ridiculing him in the process. The World's Largest Athlete said he was sorry, but was caught by Eve a second time while he shared a laugh at Laurinaitis' expense.

Laurinaitis then interrupted Big Show's match against Daniel Bryan on SmackDown to deliver a stern warning: Be ready to sincerely apologize again on Raw or face the consequences. Now, the entire WWE Universe knows just what those twisted consequences are.

Under Laurinaitis' tumultuous reign, Big Show and The Bella Twins have both been handed their walking papers. If Laurinaitis defeats John Cena at WWE Over the Limit and continues to serve as the GM of Raw and SmackDown, one can only wonder who might be next to face his wrath.


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