The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for May 8, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for May 8, 2012

The WWE Universe was all a-Twitter over last night's edition of Raw SuperShow, which had no shortage of surprises for the WWE Universe. There was John Laurinaitis' gutsy guarantee of victory over the injured John Cena at WWE Over the Limit, a new wrinkle added to the World Heavyweight Title Match and a brutal Handicap Match that saw CM Punk on the wrong end of the numbers game. As always, we asked for your opinions, and the WWE Universe delivered in a big way. These are your best tweets for Raw SuperShow about Laurinaitis, Punk, The Funkasaurus and beyond. But let's start things off with this man in the suit ...

Welcome Back, Paul E.

Younger members of the WWE Universe might have found themselves wondering about the wild-eyed "representative" who showed up in Brock Lesnar's stead and read the wrecking machine's "I quit!" statement to the stupefied North Carolina audience. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Paul Heyman, father of ECW and the "mad scientist" whom many claim changed the landscape of sports-entertainment. Heyman, who also served as Lesnar's manager in 2002, has long been absent from WWE programming, and it's safe to say his return floored even the most ... well, extreme WWE fans. Even Joey Styles was surprised at this one.

Brock Lesnar quits WWE: Raw, May 7, 2012

Paul Heyman reads a statement regarding Brock Lesnar's status in the WWE.

‏@JoeyStyles: @HeymanHustle is back on @WWE #Raw as Brock Lesnar's representative! Here Comes The Pain...In WWE Management's @$$! I love it!
@ValkyrieSmudge #ThingsToMakeYouFeelOld Tweeps not knowing who Paul Heyman is! #raw
@BreakingKayfabe Paul Heyman is on #Raw. He is talking about Lesnar. Punk is the WWE Champion. He is facing Daniel Bryan at the next PPV. WHOA #Raw
@Bella_Rayne_Y2J Paul Heyman is just a boss. So good to see him in a WWE ring again. Mastermind of the greatest promotion in history ECDUB! #RAW
@AreYouSatisfied The Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar combination works. It worked nine years ago, and it'll work today. This should be good. #RAW #NoDQ
@EaglesFan51492 I didn't watch #RAW and Paul Heyman returned.. typical.
@loloHKYNC Paul Heyman stole the show tonight. #RAW
@RichardJHughes0 So Ironically, Heyman returned in the same arena that Survivor Series 2001 happened. LONG LIVE THE ALLIANCE!!! #raw #heyman @wnsource
@vicmenezes PAUL. FREAKIN. HEYMAN. #WWE #Raw
@aWWEsomeJEZZ What in the hell?!?!?! Paul Heyman!??? #WTF #wheredidyoucomefrom #RAW

Punk Pummeled

WWE Champion CM Punk has overcome plenty of obstacles in his career, but he found himself overpowered Monday night when his one-on-one contest with Lord Tensai was changed into a Handicap Match that featured the No. 1 contender to Punk's title, Daniel Bryan. The Second City Saint put up a valiant fight, but the odd couple of Bryan and Tensai proved to be a formidable force, and the champion found himself on the receiving end of both men's signature attacks before the night was over.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan & Lord Tensai - 2-on-1 Handicap Match: Raw, May 7, 2012

Because of his verbal assault against John Laurinaitis, CM Punk learns he has to compete against two opponents in the main event.

@avaplus44 Lord Tensai is a beast! @WWE #Raw Would love 2 see Mark Henry vs. Lord Tensai 2 mammoths collied #HallOfPain
@J0hns0n329 #raw tensai gotta be stopped
@DAsharpshooters If Lord Tensai and Daniel Bryan dont form a tag team and become THE DRAGON LORDS I will be so disappointed @WWE. #wwe #Raw
@GrumpyStiltson CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan is gonna be so good. "Youre not better than me, Punk!" #OverTheLimit #Raw
@KENTAkicksheads Maybe had CM Punk been less worried about the dangers of drugs & alcohol & more about dangers of meat, that wouldn't had happened. #RAW
@Podswoggle Daniel Bryan and CM Punk close Raw. Tell that to yourself in 2006. #Raw #WWE
@VitorLopes_27 YES! Daniel Bryan added to the main event! CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan & Tensai! #RAW
@RatedRKOPunk87 lol at daniel bryan saying yes while he was stomping cm punk. @WWE #Raw
@Manny92Tony Say YES CM PUNK SAY YES! #WWE #Raw #YesLock
@StubsGuy To show respect for @CMPunk Lord Tensai used the non-alcoholic green mist in their match. Nice guy. #RAW

Johnny's "Ace"

Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, and Raw and SmackDown General Manager John Laurinaitis (Whew! How does he fit all that on one business card?) laid all his cards on the table Monday night, guaranteeing victory against John Cena and implementing a bold new disciplinary stance on Superstars that show him the slightest bit of disrespect. Emboldened by his beatdown of The Cenation Leader the previous week, Laurinaitis walked to the ring with some new bluster in his step, and enlightened the WWE Universe to some of his storied success in Japan as the superstar "Johnny Ace." What did the WWE Universe think of Mr. Excitement's newfound vigor?

John Laurinaitis reveals his in-ring past in Japan: Raw, May 7, 2012

CM Punks interrupts John Laurinaitis speech.

@WWESlowpoke Tensai and John L. We're huge in Japan. #WWE #Raw
@TheRealEvilNeo Hey Laurinaitis, Vader called....he asked who you were #RAW
@theisb This segment is making me really want a Johnny Ace DVD set. #Raw
@EricGrantBITW come on Big Johnny i wanna see an Ace Crusher #RAW #AceCrusher
@TimStiefvater I really can't stand Johnny ace I want him destroyed #Raw #RawIsPittsburgh
@StubsGuy Big Johnny Ace was the biggest thing to hit Japan since Gojira! #truthiness #raw
@MeliMelissax3 You all know you have all tried talking like John Laurinaitis! Stop fronting #raw
@WrestlePassion Mr. Rooney? OH MY GOD @CMPunk was Ferris Bueller to Laurinaitis' Rooney the whole time! #ItAllMakesSense #Raw
@JoesNotBobDylan John Laurinaitis is still a better boss than Roger Goodell. @NFLcommish @WWErawgm #PeoplePower #WWE #RAW
@RingGearMark What if Laurinaitis pulls out the Ace Crusher at #OverTheLimit? #RAW

The Best of the Rest

And what about the rest of Raw SuperShow Monday night? Well, you still had plenty to say about the wild tag team bout between Sheamus & Randy Orton and Chris Jericho & Alberto Del Rio, the elusive Superstar who seemingly approached A.W. for representation and Big Show's backstage night of misfortune at the hands of Eve. There was even an outpouring of NXT love.

Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho & Alberto Del Rio: Raw, May 7, 2012

Four of WWE's best compete in an explosive Tag Team Match.

@Podswoggle John Laurinaitis may be the only person on Earth dumb enough not to see The Big Show #Raw #WWE
@sportfullcircle In short, I enjoyed Eve most tonight. #WWE #RAW
@EmperorVirgil Has Eve been paid to follow around Big Show in hopes of locking him in a bathroom stall without toilet paper? #RAW
@FearlessRiOT We may not be allowed to make fun of Johnny's voice, but we can still imitate Sheamus' accent, right? #WWE #RAW
@S1ckH4nds So, who's gonna have their unbeaten streak broken first -- Tensai, Brodus Clay, or Ryback? #RAW
@EricGrantBITW Mason Ryan sighting #RAW
@ECGAptsleader #Raw with @topecgaheel tonight...was a lot of fave part? Having @mslayel blow me a kiss after match :) #sigh
@TheChadMathews Gotta love it when a 'You Suck!' chant is so loud that you can't hear the guy with the microphone. #WWE #RAW
@MrStrongStyle For the love of God!! Please someone agree with me! Ziggler is that hardest working man in the bizz! #WWE #HEEL #Zigglerisbetterthanyou #RAW
@ImperiousRix Awwww yeh. Maxine on #RAW! #NXT

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