Day After Raw: Your Tweets for April 24, 2012

Day After Raw: Your Tweets for April 24, 2012

The Devil's Favorite Demon put his pops on ice, the Divas division crowned a new champion, and a WWE Hall of Famer threw a Rated-R wrench into John Cena's contract signing with Brock Lesnar. See what you, the WWE Universe, had to say about all this and more in's Day After Raw!

Cold Shoulder

Poor Paul Bearer can't catch a break. Last time we saw Kane's beleaguered papa, he was being wheeled around and pelted with pizza pies by Edge. This time it was Randy Orton who kidnapped Bearer (again in a wheelchair), and rolled him into a giant walk-in freezer as payback for Kane's assault of Randy's pa, WWE Hall of Famer "Cowboy" Bob Orton. After brawling with Orton on the entrance ramp, The Big Red Monster eventually made his way back to the icebox to retrieve his father, only to give him, quite literally, the cold shoulder by rolling him right back in the freezer. What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold.

Randy Orton kidnaps Kane's father, Paul Bearer: Raw, April 23, 2012

Radny Orton gets payback for Kane's assault on his father.

‏@MrsZigglesworth: Paul Bearer in a wheelchair the same show Edge attends. Coincidence? I think not. #RAW

@GetterOne @WWE Silly Randy Orton. He's been buried in cement and dropped 50 ft in a wheelchair. To Paul Bearer a freezer is nothing. #RAW

‏@OfficialJohnD I wonder if Paul Bearer had any #WWE ice cream bars in that freezer #WWE #RAW

@EMINEMsMnMs Most Attitude Era thing thats happened since the Attitude Era. Right there. Paul Bearer and Kane. #RAW

@BeerBaron4life: Kane is the Nightman. He won't be paying the Troll Toll to save Paul Bearer tonight. #RAW #WeAreWrestling

@bondbarton: " So.... did anyone remember to take Paul Bearer out of the walk-in freezer? #RAW"

Livin' On the Edge

If there was ever a Superstar to give John Cena a pep talk as he heads into his Extreme Rules Match against Brock Lesnar this Sunday, it's WWE Hall of Famer Edge. The Rated-R Superstar stormed into Raw SuperShow, cutting off Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Raw and SmackDown GM John Laurinaitis mid-sentence and delivering a no-holds-barred critique of the slumping Cenation leader that had the WWE Universe roaring in approval. We missed you, Edge.

Edge returns to Raw to give John Cena advice before he battles Brock Lesnar: Raw, April 23, 2012

Edge gives John Cena a pep talk days before his match with Brock Lesnar.

@TheHistoryofWWE Fantastic promo by Edge. Hey Edge, could you do that like ... every week? @WWE #Raw

‏@WWERawGM WWE Hall of Famer or not, Edge had no right to interrupt me. I don't get it. I've always been more of a @Christian4Peeps fan anyway. #Raw

@SaifQuadri EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #SaveReksAndHawkins #Raw

@Itaku Seeing Edge live tonight on #RAW made my day. Really awesome RAW.

‏@theshartcast Marked out big time during the return of Edge. #Raw

@ProudCeNation_Edge's speech will definitely motivate Cena. #Raw

@WWEcritic1 @WWE Brock Lesnar is in it to get paid. Edge and @JohnCena do it because its who they are. #RAW #WWE #WWEcritic1 #savereksandhawkins

@heelJAY Edge wants old John Cena back. Cena runs back to 2005 for some props. #raw

@RealAndroid25 (( #WWE #RAW A wild Edge appears! ))

‏@WOZ93 @WWE #Raw hope John cena will WAKE UP like Edge said!!! He needs to in order to beat Brock lesnar Sunday

Walk the Line

The WWE Universe thought they'd finally gotten a glimpse of "CM Drunk" last night when the WWE Champion seemingly knocked back a bottle of booze that Chris Jericho had sent to The Second City Saint's locker room. The No. 1 contender finagled Punk into a public field sobriety test where, if he failed, he'd be stripped of the title and lose it to Jericho. A wobbly-looking Punk slurred and stumbled his way through the first half of the test, but Jericho's excitement was dampened when the champ revealed he'd just been playing possum. The WWE Universe's excitement, on the other hand, was not, and Punk quickly won some of the biggest props of the night.

CM Punk takes a field sobriety test: Raw, April 23, 2012

Theodore Long is forced to give CM Punk a sobriety test inside the middle of the ring at Raw.

@James_Varga CM Punk is a regifter! George Costanza does not approve. #RAW

‏@TheManchild6789 I love CM Punk paying tribute to Ric Flair WWWOOOOO! #raw #wwe

@AshDolan16 I disapprove of Detroit's Law Enforcement. They go after CM Punk for drunk in public, when Paul Bearer has froze to death in a freezer #Raw

@Prowrestlinguru Look in my eyes what do you see, A drunk personality #Raw Cm Punk is truly the Best In The World for that #Raw

@politics011 TOLD YOU! LOL! CM Punk did the moon walk and Ric Flair's strut :) #RAW #BITW #InPunkWeTrust

@GULLYKING82 CM Punk came out with the MLK. I have a dream #priceless #RAW

@CaitlynPoli CM Punk could get every letter in the backwards alphabet wrong (S and T) and he would still be wicked awesome. #RAW

@_DrinkToThat_You can't deny how awesome, funny and truly brilliant CM Punk is. :-) #Raw

@Coreyrob87 What a very entertaining promo segment with CM Punk and Jericho. #Raw @wwe

@TKAmazing Wait! So did A-Ry and CM Punk cut a side deal!? I hope so! #RAW

Best of the Rest

Beth Phoenix vs. Nikki Bella - Divas Championship Lumberjill Match: Raw, April 23, 2012

Nikki Bella gets her shot at Beth Phoenix's Divas Title in a Lumberjill Match.

@BobbyMitchellDX Wow! Congrats to Nikki @thebellatwins on winning the Divas title. But on the other hand, I hope @TheBethPhoenix is okay :O #WWE #RAW

‏@bigdawgsw @WWE #Raw the sexy Nikki Bella, New Divas champion. Now thats whats up

‏@ThatGirlKarina Whoa, Cena. What's with the chain. Homie. #wwe #raw

‏@RizzIUPReply ...Is Abraham Washington's WWE's version of Nick Fury #WWE #RAW

‏@fluffesk Best #WWE moment in a whole on #Raw No not funkasaurus but Hornasaurus

‏@JamesGuttmanWWIReply I can't wait until Daniel Bryan feuds with Chris Jericho and Jericho sends him a basket of salami. #raw

@sportfullcircle Does anyone feel like Brock Lesnar is resembling Farkus from A Christmas Story and Cena is like Ralphie in the bunny pajamas? #WWE #RAW

‏@MrMad509 Will Lord Tensai have enough Tajiri green spit for R Truth and Lil Jimmy? @WWE #RAW

@tigerdudy "Silencio?" Is Abraham Washington a David Lynch fan? #RAW

@NotBarryEdgar I'm liking the Great Khali and Big Show team. The Great Show? #Raw

@aj0314 Brock Lesnar: "Sign... The... Contract." Put.. The bunny... In... The box. #WWE #RAW

‏@juicy_ninja Did Brock Lesnar just pull a Joe Dirt and kiss his fist? #Raw

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